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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The 1990 Atlanta Braves minor leaguers

Features on each member of the 1990 Atlanta Braves farm system


  • AAA - Richmond Braves (30)
  • AA - Greenville Braves (31)
  • Single-A - Burlington Braves (31)
  • Single-A - Sumter Braves (32)
  • Rookie - Pulaski Braves (31)
  • Rookie - Idaho Falls Braves (30)
To Come:
  • High-A - Durham Bulls

1990 Richmond Braves (30)
1 - John Alva, Test of Memory
John Alva helped Pima Community College to Junior College World Series in 1985. He played seven seasons as pro, never made the bigs.
2 - Steve Avery, Gutsy Guy
When Steve Avery was on the mound in playoffs, the Braves had confidence in win.
3 - Sam Ayoub, No Better
Sam Ayoub was the longtime trainer at Richmond and one of nicest people one player had ever met.
4 - Jim Beauchamp, Hard Work
Jim Beauchamp worked with early 90s Braves from their start to the World Series.
5 - Rick Berg, Both Brief
Rick Berg had brief playing and coaching careers.
6 - Geronimo Berroa, Swung Hard
Geronimo Berroa once hit three home runs in a game twice in a season. He told an interviewer he just swung hard.

7 - Francisco Cabrera, Braves Hero
Francisco Cabrera's pinch-hit in Game 7 of '92 NLCS made him a hero for the Braves. He couldn't stick in the bigs.
8 - Bruce Crabbe, Not Kidding
Bruce Crabbe didn't play in the majors. He now works at getting others there as a minor league manager.
9 - Drew Denson, Extra Homers
Drew Denson battled to make the majors, then made it in two seasons. He's since lost his battle with a rare blood disease.
10 - Ken Dowell, Weak Bat
Ken Dowell wasn't a home-run hitter, but he was a major leaguer. He eventually got 15 games in the bigs with the Phillies.
11 - Tommy Greene, Country Hardball
Tommy Greene got in a groove around the third. He went on to throw a no-hitter.
12 - Johnny Grubb, Done Everything
Johnny Grubb did the job asked of him for 16 years as a player, also as coach.
13 - Dennis Hood, Just Unreal
Dennis Hood got a look at 1987 major league camp. It was his only taste of the major leagues.
14 - Brian R. Hunter, Hit it Hard
Brian Hunter helped the Braves extend their lead in Game 7 of the NLCS. He hit the home run as hard as he could.
15 - Sonny Jackson, Young Players
Sonny Jackson developed into a major leaguer at a young age. He has since tried to develop others.
16 - Barry Jones, Long Shot
Barry Jones busted his butt in practice, even when he wasn't playing every day. It got him to AAA, but not the majors.
17 - Dave Justice, Six Series
David Justice made the World Series in his second season. He then made it back five more times.
18 - Jimmy Kremers, Late Switch
Jimmy Kremers switched late from outfield to catching. He caught in the majors for 29 games with the Braves.
19 - Bill Laskey, Settled Down
Bill Laskey was nervous in his first major league start. He then settled down - for a complete-game, three-hitter.
20 - Rich Luecken, His Role
Bobby Cox thought Rick Luecken could help the Braves in 1990. Later, Cox explained Luecken's role.
21 - Paul Marak, Pumped Up
Paul Marak didn't throw a 90 mph fastball. But he still made the majors, for seven starts with the Braves.
22 - Leo Mazzone, Famed Rock
Leo Mazzone became a legendary pitching coach with the Braves. He was once minors pitcher, coach, manager.
23 - Kent Mercker, New Lease
Kent Mercker had a headache on the mound in 2000. It ended up being a life-threatening brain hemorrhage.
24 - John Mizerock, Big Hit
John Mizerock had a big hit in a 1985 Astros game. He made the bigs in four seasons.
25 - Andy Nezelek, Fall Back
Andy Nezelek finished his degree, but he never made it to the majors.
26 - Ed Olwine, New Pitcher
Ed Olwine made the majors for parts of three seasons with the Braves. He played as a pro in 11 seasons.
27 - Dale Polley, Got There
Dale Polley made the majors for the first time in 1996 with the Yankees and he didn't regret how he made it.
28 - Rusty Richards, Homemade Pitcher
Dave Richards tried being more aggressive, then extended his career in independent ball.
29 - Bryan Snyder, Going to Work
Brian Snyder spent 12 years playing pro ball. He made the majors with the Mariners and Athletics. His son also played.
30 - Ed Whited, Good Athlete
Ed Whited was a good athlete who was strong, his college coach said. He made the bigs for 36 games.

Idaho Falls Braves (30)
1 - Bill Bates, Brief Appearance, 11/21/16
2 - Grant Brittain, Even Better, 11/24/16
3 - Chris Burton, Greatest Satisfaction, 11/25/16
4 - Steve Curry, Threw Everything, 12/10/16
5 - Brian Dare, Held On, 12/4/16
6 - Don'l Dease, Strikeout Total, 11/29/16
7 - Paul DiPino, Reminded Him, 11/20/16
8 - Marek Drabinski, Stayed On, 12/9/16
9 - Corby Fister, Big Inning, 12/5/16
10 - Nathan Fults, Critical Look, 11/26/16
11 - Ed Giovanola, Winning Teams, 11/16/16
12 - Loren Gress, Some Noise, 12/3/16
13 - Allen Halliday, Complete Season, 12/11/16
14 - Steve Hodges, Baseball Guy, 11/12/16
15 - Michael Hoog, Mental Toughness, 11/23/16
16 - Rich Karcher, His Power, 11/26/16
17 - Bill Kooiman, Tight Pitch, 11/13/16
18 - Joe Markulike, Busy Day, 11/13/16
19 - Stu McMillan, Big Plays, 12/12/16
20 - Tom Newman, Mental Lock, 11/27/16
21 - Kevin O'Connor, Multiple Decisions, 12/2/16
22 - Geoff Orr, Home Run, 12/12/16
23 - Tommy Owen, Exciting Time, 11/29/16
24 - Tom Rizzo, Mental Part, 11/12/16
25 - Shawn Rohrwild, Tough Save, 11/21/16
26 - Scott Ryder, Moved Around, 11/20/16
27 - Randy Smith, Phenomenal Teacher, 12/6/16
28 - John Surane, Amazing Win, 11/14/16
29 - Michael Sweeney, Set Back, 11/30/16
30 - John Wood, Anniversary Team, 11/24/16

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