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Thursday, January 30, 2014

1990 Burlington Braves player profiles, Atlanta Braves

Ozzie Apolinario 1990 Burlington Braves card

Features on each member of the 1990 Burlington Braves, single-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Players featured are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interview (1)
1 - Walt Roy, Gung Ho
Walt Roy started packing his bags. He was a pro.

1990 Burlington Braves (31)
Ozzie Apolinario 1990 Burlington Braves card
1 - Ozzie Apolinario helped fuel GCL win; Saw four pro seasons
2 - Tony Baldwin took opportunity of lifetime to 4 pro seasons
3 - Daryl Blanks played 3 pro seasons, later coached youth ball
4 - Pedro Borbon establish himself in bigs, returned from injury
5 - Tom Bruck amassed college record wins, saw two pro seasons
6 - Rod Byerly worked for performance team needed over 3 seasons
7 - Jeff Calderone played two seasons, later coached for Croatia
8 - Ramon Caraballo learned the language then saw 2 ML seasons
9 - Jeff Clark legged out single in GCL, saw high-A in 4 seasons
10 - Roberto DeLeon, Broken Finger
Roberto DeLeon made single-A playing baseball, broke his finger and ended his career playing basketball.
11 - Glen Gardner, Aggressive Hitter
Glen Gardner was a legend on the Rutgers field. He later returned to school as a coach and director. 
12 - Gil Garrido, Can't Wait
Gil Garrido got called and he was ready. He played in seven major league seasons, had a brief career as a coach.
1990 Burlington Braves checklist card13 - Tim Gillis, Got Two
Tim Gillis wanted at least one RBI. He got two, and won the game. Played five seasons, never made AAA.
14 - Scott Grove, Good Movement
Scott Grove got good movement on the ball. In six seasons, he never made the majors.
15 - Greg Harper, Two Runners
Caught two potential base stealers at single-A. Never made AA.
16 - Kevin Kelly, Costly Losses
Kevin Kelly picked up two losses for single-A Sumter in 1989. He played three seasons as a pro.
17 - Gene Lane, Good Health
Served as a trainer in both baseball and golf.
18 - Javy Lopez, Happiest Man
Javy Lopez was the 'happiest man' after a rookie home run. He hit 260 in his career with the Braves and Orioles.
19 - Dickey Marze, Pegged As
Dickey Marze played just two seasons as a pro. His son has bettered those numbers.
20 - Brent McCoy, Game MVP
Brent McCoy was the MVP of a rookie league game. He played four seasons as a pro, never made AA.
1990 Burlington Braves logo card
21 - Matt Murray, Just Incredible
Matt Murray came back after elbow surgery to make the majors for a total of six outings.
22 - Dave Reis, Bailed Out
Dave Reis got bailed out in rookie league game. He pitched three seasons as a pro.
23 - Paulo Reis hustled, scrapped over four pro seasons
24 - Darren Ritter, Didn't Relinquish
Darren Ritter got an early lead in rookie league game, held it. Played five seasons, never made AAA.
25 - Walter Roy, Rookie Roommate
Walter Roy helped his teammate and roommate Javy Lopez. Played just two seasons as pro.
26 - Jim Saul, Every Opportunity
Jim Saul knew his players came first. He had to give them chance to succeed or fail.
27 - Randy Simmons, One Night
Randy Simmons hit 13 home runs at single-A in 1989. Two of them came in one night.
28 - Steve Swail, Signed As
Steve Swail later signed free agents. Earlier, he was a free agent himself. Played six seasons, never made the bigs.
29 - Tony Valle, Hard Thrower
Tony Valle was a hard thrower, but he couldn't translate that to long career. Played two seasons.
30 - Eddie Watt, Played There
Eddie Watt almost quit before he made the bigs. Once he got there, he stayed for a decade.
31 - Phillip Wellman, Baseball Field
Phillip Wellman has spent three decades in the game. He gained notoriety for a single night as manager.

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