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Sunday, January 3, 2016

1990 Tulsa Drillers player profiles, AA Texas Rangers affiliate

Steve Iavarone 1990 Tulsa Drillers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Tulsa Drillers, AA affiliate of the Texas Rangers.

Interview (1)
1 - Bill Haselman, Same Game
Bill Haselman made the majors and noticed everything.

Tulsa Drillers (34)
Steve Allen 1990 Tulsa Drillers card1 - Steve Allen, Looked Great
Steve Allen just looked to be consistent. He never made the bigs.
2 - Brant Alyea, Looked Like
Brant Alyea followed his dad, but not in the usual way.
3 - Jeff Andrews, Relationships Developed
Jeff Andrews has built relationships over three decades.
4 - Kevin Belcher, Instructed Them
Kevin Belcher instructed AA Jackson on an unwritten rule.
5 - Phil Bryant, Play Great
Phil Bryant signed with the Rangers out of college. He never made the bigs.
6 - Paco Burgos, Only One
Paco Burgos helped his team to the Florida State League title. He never made the bigs.
7 - Felipe Castillo, Too Much
Felipe Castillo played with future major leaguers, but he wasn't one himself.
8 - Everett Cunningham, Could Pitch
Everett Cunningham improved at single-A Gastonia, but not enough to make the majors
9 - Monty Fariss, Some Advantages
Monty Fariss hoped to make the bigs as a shortstop.
10 - Darrin Garner, Coming Along
1990 Tulsa Drillers checklist card
Darrin Garner's hitting came along. He made AAA, then became a coach.
11 - Greg Harrel, Listened To
Greg Harrel could trace his career back to a childhood visit to see the Rangers.
12 - Donald Harris, Run Down
Donald Harris made the majors, tried for the NFL.
13 - Bill Haselman, Best Job
Bill Haselman could catch a knuckleball.
14 - Tom Henke, Good Memories
Tom Henke gathered many good memories over his long major league career.
15 - Jim Hvizda, Will Rot
'Jim Hvizda will rot in prison for the rest of his life, and after that he will rot in hell for the cold-blooded killing of my daughter'
16 - Greg Iavarone played five pro seasons with three clubs, made AA, 12/30/15
17 - David Lynch, Curve Worked
David Lynch's curve worked well, but not enough to get him to the bigs.
18 - Terry Mathews, Real Big
Terry Mathews found his comeback major league win almost better than his first.
19 - Rob Maurer, First Season
Rob Maurer hit nearly .400 in his first minors season. He made 21 major league games.
20 - Eric McCray, Trade Talk
Eric McCray was considered in a trade to the Cubs. He never made the bigs.
21 - Dean Palmer, More Relaxed
Dean Palmer became more relaxed, then hit home runs.
22 - Roger Pavlik, Threw Strikes
Roger Pavlik threw strikes and made a major league All-Star team.
23 - Dan Peltier, Goals Achieved
Dan Peltier recalled goose bumps after a 1993 swing.
24 - Paul Postier, Felt Comfortable
Paul Postier felt comfortable playing at home, but never played in the bigs.
25 - Marv Rockman, Sidearm Delivery
Marv Rockman used his sidearm delivery to make AA, but not bigs.
26 - Dan Rohrmeier, Kid's Game
Dan Rohrmeier made the bigs after a decade in the minors.
27 - Wayne Rosenthal, His Stuff
Wayne Rosenthal helped coach the Marlins to the 2003 title.
28 - Cedric Shaw, Heckuva Game
Cedric Shaw pitched a heckuva game at single-A. He made AAA, but not bigs.
29 - Chris Shiflett, Very Frustrating
Chris Shiflett's injuries grew frustrating in seven minor league seasons.
30 - Mike Taylor, Final Frame
Mike Taylor pitched four seasons in the Rangers system. He never made the bigs.
31 - Mitch Thomas, Baseball History
Mitch Thomas played six pro seasons, later coached.
32 - Tommy Thompson, Old School
Tommy Thompson wanted his players to win.
33 - George Threadgill, Consistent Hitter
George Threadgill hit up the middle and the other way. He didn't hit for power. He also never made the majors.
34 - Walt Williams, Much Different
Walt Williams returned to the White Sox in 1988 as a coach.

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