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Sunday, February 5, 2023

1990 Frederick Keys player profiles, Baltimore Orioles

Brad Hildreth 1990 Frederick Keys card

Features on each member of the 1990 Frederick Keys, high-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, as included in that year's team set. 

Frederick Keys (31)

  1. Tony Beasley played 9 minors seasons, made majors as coach, 1/28/23
  2. Dan Berthel made name at Long Beach, saw 3 seasons, made AA, 1/8/23
  3. Jeff Bumgarner put pressure as top pick, saw 8 pro seasons, 12/31/22
  4. Andres Constant turned prospect, then underwent elbow surgery; Career spanned eight seasons, made AA, 1/19/22
  5. Mike Deutsch played three seasons as a pro, then returned home and played another 15, 12/27/22
  6. Roy Gilbert felt relaxed in high-A April 1990 win; Saw four pro seasons, made AA, 2/4/23
  7. Ricky Gutierrez got a new start after trade, then made the bigs over 12 seasons, 1/16/23
  8. Paris Hayden played five seasons, made AA; Later had success as American Legion coach, 1/29/23
  9. Pat Hedge hit the ball over three pro seasons, later turned roving strength coach, 1/11/23
  10. Brad Hildreth set records in college; Saw two pro seasons, 12/27/22
  11. Tim Holland extended his career with off-season work; Saw eight seasons, made AAA, 1/7/23
  12. Ed Horowitz saw four Opening Days as a pro, made AA; Later turned to communications, 1/29/23
  13. Stacy Jones liked to play baseball; Did so over 10 seasons, saw six ML games, 2/4/23
  14. Zachary Kerr pitched strongly at high-A in 1990, but arm troubles soon ended career; Saw four seasons, made high-A, 12/28/22
  15. Mike Lehman hoped slot would open at AAA, made it, but briefly; Saw six seasons, missed bigs, 1/31/23
  16. Bobby Miscik made AAA as player, manager; Enjoyed involvement in the game, 1/14/23
  17. Steve Mondile had good day as he signed as pro; Saw four seasons, made high-A, then turned coach, scout, 12/27/22
  18. Wally Moon was challenged by teaching process; Played 12 seasons in bigs, then worked as coach, 12/30/22
  19. Bill Murray served as New Jersey Devils trainer for decade, 12/25/23
  20. Mike Oquist kept learning over seven seasons in majors; Became regular over three with Oakland, 1/18/23
  21. Mike Pazik worked hard, impressed as player; Then turned minors - and majors - coach, 1/23/23
  22. Doug Reynolds had enough tools, talent and performance to turn pro, make high-A; Later turned scout, 1/27/23
  23. Arthur Rhodes did the job in bigs over 20 seasons; Finally made the World Series in final campaign, 1/9/23
  24. Chuck Ricci paid his dues over nine seasons, then made bigs for seven games; Later became scout, 1/2/23
  25. Mike Richardson once hit a home run at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium; Played three seasons, made high-A, 1/10/23
  26. Pete Rose Jr. dreamed of turning pro, made bigs for 11 games with Reds; Dad's career impacted his, 12/29/22
  27. Ken Shamburg realized he'd always have another at-bat; Played over 11 pro seasons, missed bigs, 1/4/23
  28. Rich Slomkowski tried new delivery after slow start; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 2/5/23
  29. Todd Stephan knew the bigs sometimes required getting a break; Saw five pro seasons, made AAA, missed majors, 1/1/23
  30. Rob Stiegele found himself alongside HOFers as batboy; Later turned pro, saw two seasons, 1/3/23
  31. Anthony Telford showed poise and savvy in ML debut; Saw time in nine majors seasons, 1/24/23

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