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Saturday, October 10, 2015

1990 Oneonta Yankees player profiles, New York affiliate

Damaschke Field in Oneonta, NY, in 2009. Damaschke was home to the 1990 Oneonta Yankees. (Greatest 21 Days)
Features on each member of the 1990 Oneonta Yankees, short-season affiliate of the New York Yankees.

Oneonta Yankees (28)
Jovino Carvajal 1990 Oneonta Yankees card
1 - Jovino Carvajal played decade, ran with hall of famer
2 - Bob Deller, Fielder's Choice
Bob Deller once knocked in Jorge Posada on a fielder's choice.
3 - Doug Demetre, Talked Up
Doug Demetre talked up his college pitcher. He got 20 pro games.
4 - Ken Dominguez, Changed Goal
Ken Dominguez' goals changed from titles to developing players.
5 - Matt Dunbar, Fifth Game
Matt Dunbar made the Marlins in 1995 but his stay was brief.
6 - Robert Eenhoorn, Over There
Robert Eenhoorn made the bigs from the Netherlands.
7 - Ron Frazier, Big Game
Ron Frazier wanted the ball in big games. He never made the big leagues.
8 - Luis Gallardo, Three Hits
Luis Gallardo got three hits in a high-A game. He played five minor league seasons.
Oneonta Yankees 1990 checklist card
9 - Mike Hankins, Having Fun
Mike Hankins had fun in independent ball. He made AA, but not the bigs.
10 - Trey Hillman, Adapt and Adjust
Trey Hillman managed with the Royals and in Japan.
11 - Darren Hodges, His Own
Darren Hodges came into his own at AA in 1993. He never made the bigs.
12 - Kevin Jordan, Positive Attitude
Kevin Jordan wasn't a home run hitter, but he hit a big one in 1996.
13 - Rick Lantrip, That Class
Rick Lantrip turned down a high-pick out of high school. He played three pro seasons.
14 - Jalal Leach, Passion For
Jalal Leach motivated himself. He made the bigs in his 12th pro season.
15 - Adin Lohry, Easy Choice
The Yankees made Adin Lohry's choice an easy one.
16 - Todd Malone, Pitching Award
Todd Malone won Yankees minor league pitcher of the year honors in 1988. He never made AA.
17 - Sam Militello, Good Start
Sam Millitello knew success was measured over the long haul.
18 - Brian Milner, Top Start
Brian Milner made the bigs immediately. He never got back.
19 - Pat Morphy, Spot Starter
Pat Morphy served as a reliever and as a spot starter in three minor league seasons.
20 - Kirt Ojala, Next Time
Kirt Ojala mastered Mark McGwire, not Barry Bonds.
21 - Cesar Perez, Ninth Inning
Cesar Perez helped close out a win for Greensboro in 1991.
22 - Stevie Perry, Fell Short
Stevie Perry made the pros, but he fell short of single-A.
23 - Rafael Quirico, Something Big
Rafael Quirico threw a minor league no-hitter. He played one game in the bigs.
24 - Scott Romano, Hit 'em
Scott Romano hit 'em in 11 pro seasons, not in the bigs.
25 - Mark Shiflett, Strong Pitching
Mark Shiflett coached Yankees prospects after playing himself.
26 - Bo Siberz, New Day
Bo Siberz changed his approach but it was too late.
27 - Ricky Strickland, One-Hopper
Ricky Strickland stared strong in a 1991 game. He played four pro seasons.
28 - Brian Turner, His Best
Brian Turner played seven pro seasons. He never became a prospect.

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