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Monday, December 10, 2012

1990 Cedar Rapids Reds, Cincinnati: Baseball Profiles

Veterans Memorial Stadium, home to the 1990 Cedar Rapids Reds. Photo from new stadium's gift shop. (G21D Photo)
Features on each member of the 1990 Cedar Rapids Reds, single-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds.

Interview (5)
Steve McCarthy autographed 1990 Cedar Rapids Reds card
1 - Scott Economy, The Adrenaline
Scott Economy used his adrenaline to get noticed. His career was shortened by injuries.
2 - Scott Jeffery, Great Opportunity
Scott Jeffery took his opportunity to pitch to the pros. He's now a school superintendent.
3 - Dave McAuliffe, Good Shot
Dave McAuliffe went undrafted, then he made it to a tryout and made AA.
4 - Steve McCarthy, All Clicked
Mid-way through that Cape Cod League season, everything clicked for Steve McCarthy.
5 - Eddie Taubensee, On Everything
Eddie Taubensee hit a turning point in the minors. He came back to play in 11 major league seasons. 

Cedar Rapids Reds (33)
Terry Abbott 1990 Cedar Rapids Reds card
1 - Terry Abbott played, then coached
2 - Rick Allen played 6 seasons, made AA
8 - Bob Dombrowski, College Injury
Bob Dombrowski came back from college ski injury to turn pro. After Arizona State, though, played just two seasons.
1990 Cedar Rapids Reds checklist card9 - Scott Economy, Baseball Letterman
Scott Economy made single-A Cedar Rapids in 1989, but never made it higher. Career lasted just four years.
10 - Victor Garcia, Started Camp
Victor Garcia left Reds spring camp in 1992 over immigration issues. He returned a year later, but never made majors.
11 - Steve Hester, Small Club
Steve Hester made the pros out of Cedarville University. He couldn't make the majors.
12 - Howard James, New Guy
Howard James' stint as Cedar Rapids general manager was short and unexpected.
13 - Vicente Javier played at Cedar Rapids
14 - Scott Jeffery, Drives Him
Scott Jeffery started in a career in baseball, then turned to one in education and became a school superintendent.
15 - Doug King, Real Well
Doug King got his breaking ball over in college. His pro career lasted three seasons.
16 - Frank Kremblas, Most Fun
Frank Kremblas found the best thing about managing was teaching. He played eight seasons as a pro, but he never made bigs.
17 - Mark Krumback, That Kind
Mark Krumback wasn't a power hitter, he was a small-ball hitter. He turned pro, but never made the majors.
18 - Ramon Manon, Career Record
Ramon Manon's career was short, but he did have a respectable career record.
19 - Dave McAuliffe, Give Credit
Dave McAuliffe got credit for impressive rookie league stint. His career lasted just four seasons, never made bigs.
20 - Steve McCarthy, Tenth Save
Steve McCarthy saved a game for single-A teammate Bobby Ayala. He played five seasons, never made bigs.
21 - Dave Miley, Worked Out
Dave Miley still wanted to play, but he took a coaching job. He never made the bigs as a player. He later made the bigs as Reds manager.
22 - Mike Mulvaney, A Lot Easier
Mike Mulvaney won the 1989 South Atlantic League MVP honor after a slow start. He never made the majors.
23 - Brian Nichols, Tied Up
Brian Nichols played three seasons as a pro, he never got to play in the majors.
24 - Bill Risley, No Butterflies
Bill Risley picked up tension-filled outs in 1995 ALDS for the Mariners. He also picked up his second career save.
25 - Eddie Rush, Base-Hit Bunter
Eddie Rush was one of South Florida's best base-hit bunters. He played five seasons as a pro, never made majors.
26 - Reggie Sanders, Already Confident: Reggie Sanders was an aggressive player who loved the game. He played in 17 major league seasons.
27 - Mo Sanford, Real Tough
Mo Sanford was real tough in his major league debut. He played in three big league seasons.
28 - Tom Spencer, Team Trainer
Tom Spencer was once a trainer in the minors with the Reds. He's remained a trainer, but in the WNBA with the Seattle Storm.
29 - Jerry Spradlin, Some Ability
Jerry Spradlin worked with a former major leaguer, later became a major leaguer himself.
30 - Glenn Sutko, His Heart 
Glenn Sutko tried pitching after making the majors as a catcher. His heart remained as a catcher.
31 - Eddie Taubensee, Could Hit
Eddie Taubensee got his first hit, then he felt great. He played in 11 major league seasons.
32 - Tony Terzarial, He's Learned
Tony Terzarial had the tools to turn pro, just not enough to make the majors. Played three seasons.
33 - Joe Turek, How Hard
Joe Turek knew he had a chance to prove himself. He just had to play.

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