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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Nashville Sounds player profiles, AAA Cincinnati Reds

Neil Allen 1990 Nashville Sounds card

Features on each member of the 1990 Nashville Sounds, AAA affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds.

Interviews (3)
1 - Terry McGriff, Chose Baseball
Terry McGriff chose baseball over football, then made the majors. He went on to play two decades as a pro, then moved into coaching.
2 - Paul Noce, The Deal
Paul Noce took chose to take everyday spot back at AA. It paid off the next year, as he found himself in the majors.
3 - Donnie Scott, Down the Road
Donnie Scott made it back to the majors after six years away. It was preparation for being a manager in the minors.

1990 Nashville Sounds (34) 
Terry McGriff autographed 1990 Nashville Sounds card1 - Neil Allen found majors success as closer, later as starter
2 - Skeeter Barnes made bigs over 9 seasons, visualized return
3Billy Bates hit key WS single, six others in two ML seasons
5 - Keith Brown made majors over 4 seasons, then fought cancer
6 - Tony DeFrancesco, Communication Skills
Tony DeFrancesco used his communication skills often.
7 - Leo Garcia, High Five
Leo Garcia's high five skills weren't so good. His playing skills were good enough for 54 major league games.
8 - Kip Gross chose Japan over the bigs and became a regular; Saw six ML seasons, five in Japan
9 - Chris Hammond, Lot of Fun
Chris Hammond had fun in his fifth major league season with two-straight shutouts. He went on to play in 14 major league seasons.
10 - Milt Hill, Good Competitor
Milt Hill threw an excellent split-finger, enough to pitch in four major league seasons.
11 - Rodney Imes, No Pressure
Rodney Imes helped AA Albany to the 1989 league championship, he then helped himself to AAA. Imes never could help himself to the majors.
12 - Reggie Jefferson, Inopportune Times
Reggie Jefferson played in nine major league seasons, but he also had his share of injuries.
13 - Chris Jones, Just Hit
Chris Jones told himself to shut up and hit. He then went on to hit in the majors in nine seasons.
14 - Brian Lane, His Day
Brian Lane got a look at a major league perfect-game pitcher. He never got a look at the majors.
15 - Keith Lockhart, Kept Progressing
Keith Lockhart kept progressing and kept working hard. He kept playing in the bigs for 10 seasons.
16 - Chris Lombardozzi, What Happens
Chris Lombardozzi knew the big leagues was possible. His brother got there.
17 - Rob Lopez, Off Balance
Rob Lopez kept hitters off-balance at the University of North Alabama and in the minors. He never got a chance to do so in the majors.
18 - Pete Mackanin, Good Way
Pete Mackanin knew to make a move as manager without waiting. Still waiting for a full-time major league manager's spot.
19 - Terry McGriff, Draft Hopes
Terry McGriff was drafted out of high school, by the team he wanted to be drafted by. It was a dream come true.
20 - Charlie Mitchell, Family Trade
Charlie Mitchell had a chance to make the Red Sox with his brother John. Both made the majors, but not with same team.
21 - Robert Moore, Best Arm
Spotted in spring training, Robert Moore's manager saw him as a reliever. It got him to the majors.
22 - Darryl Motley, Biggest Game
Darryl Motley had good games as a pro, but none were better than Game 7 of the 1985 World Series.
23 - Paul Noce, Hard Work
Paul Noce's advice on making the majors: Work Hard, don't listen to naysayers. Noce worked hard and made it in parts of two seasons.
24 - Kevin Pearson, Goals Set
Kevin Pearson stressed the importance of setting goals in 1991. He never accomplished his personal goal of making the majors.
25 - Ray Rippelmeyer, Those Things
Coach Ray Rippelmeyer wasn't concerned with his starter's slow start in 1975. That starter was Steve Carlton.
26 - Rosario Rodriguez, Key Outs
Rosario Rodriguez got key outs for the Pirates in 1991. He made three major league seasons.
27 - Larry Schmittou helped bring pro ball back to Nashville, focused on fan; Tried for bigs
28 - Donnie Scott, Switch-Hitter
Donnie Scott's father helped teach him to be a switch-hitter. Switch-hitting helped him make the majors.
29 - Scott Scudder, Got Back
Scott Scudder got sent down to start 1990. But he soon returned, and played in a total of five major league seasons.
30 - Bob Sebra, On Purpose
Bob Sebra's final major league pitch was a beanball. The pitch resulted in a suspension, but he never served it.
31 - Eddie Tanner, Playing Time
Eddie Tanner did well enough to make AAA squads in five seasons. He never did well enough to make the bigs.
32 - Luis Vasquez pitched well in AA start, made AAA over four seasons; Missed bigs
33 - Joey Vierra, Greatest Memory
Joey Vierra wanted his major league debut to mean something, if it ever happened. It never did happen.
34 - John Young, All-Star Trainer
John Young was a trainer for a quarter century by 2002. That year, he also returned to the AAA All-Star Game.

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