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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

1990 Helena Brewers player profiles, Milwaukee affiliate

Kurt Archer 1990 Helena Brewers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Helena Brewers, rookie affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. Players are as included in that year's team set.

Helena Brewers (29)

  1. Kurt Archer chose baseball in college, then made AAA in pros
  2. LaRue Baber fulfilled dream to play as pro, saw five seasons
  3. Bill Brakeley made college improvements, saw 3 pro seasons
  4. Gary Calhoun spent career coaching in college, also saw pros
  5.  - Mike Carter hit a game-winning double in his first pro year; Saw 13 pro campaigns, made AAA, not bigs, 6/27/20
  6.  - Tim Carter credited his teammates in rookie ball; Played three pro seasons, made high-A, 7/19/20
  7.  - Vince Castaldo made AAA in affiliated ball, got bitter; Turned to independent St. Paul and got remembered, 7/24/20
  8.  - Tony Coble played a single season as a pro; He then joined the Army and made First Lieutenant, 7/14/20
  9.  - Mike Coombs guided his players over four decades in game; Briefly played, coached in pros, 6/16/20
  10.  - Mike Couture ran himself from college to the pros; Saw four seasons, made AA, 7/7/20
  11.  - Tony Diggs loved baseball; He played and managed it over three decades, never made bigs, 7/4/20
  12.  - Todd Edwards got his chance at pros; Lasted four seasons in field and on mound, made high-A, 7/26/20
  13.  - Juan Flores took advantage of opportunity in college; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 6/19/20
  14.  - Mike Hooper did good job pitching in high school; Played as pro over four seasons, made high-A, 7/2/20
  15.  - Geoff Kellogg played five pro seasons, made AA; Later bought a water park, 7/21/20
  16.  - Kevin McDonald threw a one-hitter at Salt Lake in 1991; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 7/20/20
  17.  - Pat Miller followed his father to the pros, not to the majors; Played five seasons, made AA, 7/23/20
  18.  - Scott Moseley made it his goal to play in the pros, and the bigs; He played three professional seasons, 7/16/20
  19.  - Mike Norris helped his team to an early lead in a July 1990 contest; Played single pro season, 6/21/20
  20.  - Eric Patton pitched well his first year and got married; Played two pro seasons, both in rookie ball, 6/28/20
  21.  - Gordon Powell was always taught to run hard; Did so over 10 pro seasons, made high-A, 6/26/20
  22.  - Don Pruitt gained weight in high school with peanut butter sandwiches; Played four pro seasons, made high-A, 7/14/20
  23.  - Charles Rambadt's college coach believed he deserved pro shot; He got it, over 15 games, 7/10/20
  24.  - Mark Rupp took high school success on to college and pros; Saw two pro seasons, 15 appearances, 7/4/20
  25.  - Brian Souza returned from arm injury to turn pro; Saw four seasons, made single-A, 7/7/20
  26.  - Mark Stephens became first Marlins signee in a pro game; Saw seven seasons, made high-A, 6/18/20
  27.  - Chris Wheat had a great game at Helena in 1990; Played two seasons, briefly made single-A, 6/14/20
  28.  - Tim Wilson did good job in relief in rookie ball in 1989; Played two seasons, didn't make it higher, 7/11/20
  29.  - Jason Zimbauer went from top Chicago-area prep to three pro seasons; Later sued over shoulder injury, 7/12/20

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