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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Calgary Cannons player profiles, AAA Seattle Mariners

Tony Blasucci 1990 Calgary Cannons card

Features on each member of the 1990 Calgary Cannons, AAA affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. Players are as included in that year's team set, along with interviews with three team members

Interviews (3)
1 - Tony Blasucci, Pumped Up
Tony Blasucci was an outfielder-turned-pitcher. He never made the majors, but he did impress.
2 - Todd Haney, Long Odds
Todd Haney might as well have been looking at himself. He beat the odds, made the majors with the Expos, Cubs and Mets.
3 - Pat Rice, Original Path
Pat Rice turned down an opportunity to coach. He then made the majors.

Calgary Cannons (28)
Pat Rice autographed 1990 Calgary Cannons card
1 - Tony Blasucci won praise upon AA promotion, passed in 2014
2 - Mickey Brantley saw 4 ML seasons, moved on when missed fifth
3 - Dave Burba took bright future to 15 major league seasons
4 - Casey Close saw 5 seasons, AAA, later became top agent
5 - Dave Cochrane overcame bad infection to make majors
6 - Mario Diaz, Helped Win
It took Mario Diaz a few years to make the bigs, then stayed for nine years.
7 - Tom Dodd, A Success
Tom Dodd played as a pro in 11 seasons and made majors once. He called his career a success.
8 - Greg Fulton, Best Defense
Greg Fulton was the best first baseman in the Eastern League. He never became a first baseman in the majors.
9 - Todd Haney, His Role
Todd Haney was ready to fill in for the Cubs in 1996. That was his role.
10 - Keith Helton, Go-To Guy
Keith Helton was the go-to guy for his short-season manager. He played six seasons, but never made bigs.
11 - Tommy Jones, Little Things
Tommy Jones thought his player got robbed. In the end, it was Jones who was robbed, by cancer.
12 - Ed Jurak, Impressive Spring
Ed Jurak hit well every spring. In six of those, he hit well enough to make majors.
Calgary Cannons 1990 team checklist card
13 - Vance Lovelace, No Quitter
Vance Lovelace endured setbacks, but he came back to pitch in the majors.
14 - Edgar Martinez, Greatest DH
Edgar Martinez had a career full of legendary moments with the Mariners. One may be still to come, with the Hall of Fame.
15 - Tino Martinez, Quality Player
The Mariners thought Tino Martinez would be a quality major league player. He was for 16 seasons.
16 - Bill McGuire, Few At-Bats
Bill McGuire hit a difference-making home run in his 13th major league game. He played in 23 total games.
17 - Jose Melendez, So Versatile
Jose Melendez was called awesome by his manager. He went on to play in five major league seasons.
18 - Pat Pacillo, Early Expectations
The Reds called Pat Pacillo the club's top prospect. He made the majors, but for just 18 games.
19 - Pat Rice, Pitched Until
Pat Rice thought he'd pitch until they fired him. He pitched until he got to the majors.
20 - Randy Roetter, Athlete Hydration
Randy Roetter has worked to keep the Mariners prospects healthy for more than 20 years as trainer.
21 - Jeff Schaefer, Talked To
Jeff Schaefer dreamed of his first major league home run trot for 25 years. Then he got it.
22 - Theo Shaw, Like A Kid
Theo Shaw got the clearance to pitch again and he felt like a kid again. He didn't make the majors.  
23 - Matt Sinatro, Commitment to Improve
Matt Sinatro had setbacks, but he kept returning to the majors for a decade.
24 - Terry Taylor, That Mistake
Terry Taylor made a mistake in his fifth major league outing, he gave up grand slam. It was also his last big league outing.
25 - Ed Vande Berg, Got to Act
Ed Vande Berg got a big work load for the Mariners in 1982. He played in seven major league seasons.
26 - Mike A. Walker, Got the Ball
Mike Walker made the majors with the Mariners, played spring training with the Pirates in the late 1980s and in 1995.
27 - Dan Warthen, That Promise
Dan Warthen received advice as a member of the Expos in the 1970s. He's now dispensing it as coach.
28 - Jim Weaver, His Strength
Jim Weaver's strength was in playing every day. When he made the majors, he hardly played.

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