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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Indianapolis Indians, Expos: Baseball Profiles

Scott Anderson 1990 Indianapolis Indians card

Features on each member of the 1990 Indianapolis Indians, AAA affiliate of the Montreal Expos. Players are as included in that year's team set.

Interview (1)
1 - Jose Castro, The Maximum
Jose Castro the majors for the first time after three decades in the game. He called it a great place to be.

Indianapolis Indians (34)
Steve Fireovid 1990 Indianapolis Indians card
2Scott Anderson saw bigs three times, years and worlds apart
3Esteban Beltre showed pop in practice, saw five ML seasons
4Randy Braun saw 10 pro seasons, then got his release at AAA
5Eric Bullock chose baseball then made bigs over 7 seasons
6Jose Castro played 13 pro seasons, made bigs as coach
7Travis Chambers saw seven seasons, made AAA in three
Indianapolis Indians 1990 checklist card
8Danny Clay used fastball to make majors over 17 games
9Romy Cucjen looked to faith over six-season pro career
10 - Jim Davins, His Arm
Jim Davins tried to make the Twins as a pitcher in 1989, but he never made the majors with them, or anyone else.
11 - Eddie Dixon, Chance to Pitch
Eddie Dixon was as nervous as he could be for his pro debut. In 11 seasons as pro, he never got to debut in the majors.
12 - Howard Farmer, Live Arm
Howard Farmer started 1990 as a prospect for the Expos. He ended it with six major league games played.
13 - Steve Fireovid, Level of Determination
Steve Fireovid persevered into his 16th season as a pro. He played six seasons in the majors, and wrote a book.
14 - Dan Gakeler, Not Complicated
Dan Gakeler showed nerves in his first major league start, then settled in for his second start. Injuries limited his major league career to one season.
15 - Balvino Galvez, Had Trouble
Balvino Galvez sometimes had trouble controlling his temper.
16 - Jerry Goff, Dreamt It
Jerry Goff hit a game-winning home run for the Expos in June 1990. He'd dreamt of doing it a million times, then he did it.
17 - Otis Green, Arm Strength
Otis Green started his career as fielder, ended it as a pitcher. He played 17 seasons, never made majors.
18 - Gomer Hodge, Best Loved
Gomer Hodge endeared himself to Cleveland over a single season. He passed away in 2007.
19 - Mel Houston, Height Comparison
Mel Houston made the majors only in height comparisons. He never made the majors on the playing field.
20 - Tim Johnson, Motivational Stories
Tim Johnson often used stories to motivate his teams. But they were just that, stories. 
21 - Howard Kellman, 50 years broadcasting
22 - Joe Kerrigan, All About
Joe Kerrigan had a long major league coaching career after a four-season major league playing career.
23 - Dwight Lowry, Showed Something
Dwight Lowry showed something in August 1986 then he had the best major league year of his career. He passed away in 1997.
24 - Quinn Mack, Missed Catch
Quinn Mack used advice from his brother Shane Mack to make the majors. He stayed for all of five games.
25 - Chris Marchok, Chance to Chase
Chris Marchok chased a career in baseball from his time as a kid to Harvard and then to the minors. He never made the majors.
26 - Edwin Marquez, Visa Problems
Edwin Marquez ran into visa problems as a player, he never had to worry about them in the majors.
27 - Dale Mohorcic, Quietly Done
Dale Mohorcic wasn't confused with the game's top closers in 1987, but he did save 16, 33 for his career.
28 - Jesus Paredes, Stolen Bases and Errors
Jesus Paredes helped the Palm Beach Expos to a lead in 1988, then helped them to loss. He never made the majors. 
29 - Johnny Paredes, Four Hits
Johnny Paredes needed a home run for the cycle in 1993. He just wanted another hit.
30 - German Rivera, Funny Game
German Rivera knew baseball was a funny game. He saw time in three major league seasons and one in Japan.
31 - Mel Rojas, Best Thing
Mel Rojas became the Expos closer in 1995. HE saved 126 over his career.
32 - John Spinosa trained in pros, on tape
33 - Jim Steels, Just Glad
Jim Steels didn't want to strike out. But that's what he did in his first major league at bat. 
34 - Rich Thompson, Show People
Rich Thompson finally got noticed in 1985 with the Indians. He pitched in three major league seasons. He is now an Attorney.

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