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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Edmonton Trappers player profiles, California Angels

Karl Allaire 1990 Edmonton Trappers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Edmonton Trappers, AAA affiliate of the California Angels. Players are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Edmonton Trappers (24)
Bobby Rose 1990 Edmonton Trappers card
1 - Karl Allaire became journeyman minor leaguer over 9 seasons
2 - Chris Beasley preferred basketball, made majors in baseball
3 - Gary Buckels got outs enough in minors for 10 games in bigs
4 - Tim Burcham played 10 pro seasons, proved anxious one spring
5 - Pete Coachman got his callup in 1990, saw 16 ML games
6 - Sherman Corbett: Sherman Corbett was a crafty left-hander in parts of three seasons with the Angels, 10 seasons as a pro.
7 - Chris Cron: Chris Cron grew up eating and sleeping baseball. He made the bigs for 12 games. He's now a minor league manager.
8 - Doug Davis: Doug Davis never thought he'd be a manager. He later was a bench coach in the World Series.
9 - Gary DiSarcina: Gary DiSarcina got settled into the Angels starting shortstop job for much of the 1990s.
10 - Mike Erb: Mike Erb surfed his way to AAA Edmonton, but he couldn't surf his way to the majors.
Edmonton Trappers 1990 checklist card
11 - Mike Fetters: Mike Fetters was given an opportunity to throw by the Brewers. He turned that into a 16-year career.
12 - Dan Grunhard: Dan Grunhard liked to play the game, he just never got the opportunity to in the majors.
13 - Jeff Heathcock: Jeff Heathcock's mother saw him play at single-A. Many saw him play in the majors.
14 - Chuck Hernandez: Chuck Hernandez developed pitchers his whole career, a quarter century as a coach.
15 - Scott Lewis: Scott Lewis broke his neck, then he made the majors.
16 - Rafael Montalvo: Rafael Montalvo asked for only a chance to pitch. He did so in the majors for a single inning.
17 - Max Oliveras: Max Oliveras managed or coached somewhere for more than two decades.
18 - Reed Peters: Reed Peters never won a championship in the minors. He also never made the majors.
19 - Nelson Rood: Nelson Rood tried to make the majors by just going out and playing the game. He never made it.
20 - Bobby Rose got injured in Angels crash, became star in Japan
21 - John Skurla: John Skurla hit a curve to help with a 1984 college win. He later hit curves well enough to make AAA, but not the majors.
22 - Lee Stevens: Lee Stevens played in front of major league crowds for a decade, crowds in Japan for two.
23 - Ron Tingley: Ron Tingley had an up-and-down career. He was up in the majors for parts of nine seasons.
24 - Cliff Young: Cliff Young's best resulted in time in three major league seasons. His best was then remembered at his 1993 memorial.

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