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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Iowa Cubs player profiles, AAA Chicago Cubs affiliate

Bob Bafia 1990 Iowa Cubs card

Features on each member of the 1990 Iowa Cubs, AAA affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. Players are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interview (1)
I - Paul Wilmet, So Focused
Paul Wilmet came back from addiction to make the majors - eight years after his pro debut.

1990 Iowa Cubs (26)
Paul Wilmet autographed 1990 Iowa Cubs card
1 - Bob Bafia hit well in AA game; Played 7 seasons, made AAA
2 - Brad Bierley remained upbeat through 7 seasons, made AAA
3 - Kevin Blankenship saw 3 ML seasons, became own worst enemy
4 - Shawn Boskie threw complete-game in ML debut, saw 9 seasons
5 - Mark Bowden got 2nd pro look in relief, made AAA over decade
6 - Jim Essian, Risk-Taker
Jim Essian characterized his teams as ones that forced the defense to make a play.
7 - Brian Guinn, Each Game
Brian Guinn takes it inning-by-inning as a college coach. He played 10 years in the minors, never made the majors. 
Iowa Cubs 1990 checklist card
8 - Jeff Hearron, Natural Swing
Jeff Hearron played 16 games in the majors, two in the playoffs and one week in the Soviet Union.
9 - Greg Kallevig, Quick Runs
Greg Kallevig found it easier to pitch with quick runs. He never got the opportunity to do so in the majors.
10 - Ced Landrum, Getting on Base
Ced Landrum singled in his first major league at bat. He went on to play in two major league seasons.
11 - Dave Masters, Long Shot
Dave Masters did his best to make the Giants in 1992. He didn't make it then or over his nine-season pro career.
12 - Derrick May, Swinging the Bat
Derrick May swung the bat in the majors for parts of 10 seasons for the Cubs, Astros and others. He also played in Japan.
13 - Brian McCann, Trainer's Goal
Brian McCann's goal was to be a major league trainer. He eventually made it, taking the long path to get there.
14 - Erik Pappas, Unlikely Olympian
Erik Pappas played in three major league seasons and in the Olympics, for Greece. Later became a coach.
15 - Steve Parker, Mental Aspect
Steve Parker threw a no-hitter in college for Arkansas. As a pro, he got as high as AAA, but never to the majors.
16 - Dave Pavlas, That Feeling
Dave Pavlas' first major league win ranked right up there with being born. He played in four major league seasons.
17 - Jeff Pico, A Little Stunned
Jeff Pico threw a complete game shutout in his major league debut. He played in a total of three major league seasons with the Cubs.
18 - Laddie Renfroe, Work Harder
Laddie Renfroe had advice for his son in 2010: Pro ball and college ball were not the same. Renfroe made the majors in one season, four outings.
19 - Jeff Small, Six Hits
Jeff Small was considered for the Marlins second-base job in 1993. He wasn't picked. He also never made the majors.
20 - Greg Smith, Worked Hard
Greg Smith's high school coach remembered him and his work ethic a decade later. Smith's work ethic took him to the majors in three seasons.
21 - Glenn Sullivan, Came Home
Glenn Sullivan signed to play baseball with the Cubs, then played backup quarterback for the football Sooners.
22 - Gary Varsho, Playing Home
Gary Varsho didn't want to think how good things were with the Pirates in 1991. If he did, reality might come.
23 - Hector Villanueva, Streak Hitter
Hector Villanueva was a streak-hitter. He eventually put together a four-year streak with time in majors.
24 - Dean Wilkins, Moved Up
Dean Wilkins was deemed the hero in a September 1989 game for the Cubs. He went on to pitch in three total major league seasons, his last with the Astros.
25 - Paul Wilmet, Playing Days
Paul Wilmet impressed the Pirates with his forkball in the minors. He then pitched three games for the Rangers in the majors.
26 - Bill Wrona, Continued Playing
College injuries left Bill Wrona living on milkshakes and penicillin. He played eight seasons as a pro, but never made majors.

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