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Monday, November 2, 2015

1990 Riverside Red Wave player profiles, San Diego Padres

Riverside stadium
The Riverside Sports Complex in 2015. The complex was home to the 1990 Riverside Red Wave. (Greatest 21 Days)
Features on each member of the 1990 Riverside Red Wave, single-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres.

Riverside Red Wave (30)
Steve Bethea 1990 ProCards card, seen with glove in backhanding motion 1 - Steve Bethea proved valuable at Spokane, saw six pro seasons
2 - Scott Bigham tried to maximize fun in pros, saw 3 seasons
3 - Bruce Bochy proved highly respected minors, majors manager
4 - Renay Bryand knew the game, played over 7 seasons, made AAA
5 - Nate Colbert once hit 5 HRs in day
5 - Jim Daniel, Evaluated Players
Jim Daniel evaluated players as a trainer for more than two decades.
7 - Rick Davis, Stayed Optimistic
Rick Davis stayed optimistic he'd get his call. He never got it.
8 - Danny Deville, Like That
Danny Deville didn't throw hard, but he got them out. He never made the majors.
9 - Jay Estrada won in college, saw 5 pro seasons, high-A
10 - Reggie Farmer, Another Calling
Reggie Farmer went pro in baseball, not football. He never made the majors.
Riverside Red Wave 1990 ProCards checklist cover card
11 - Mark Gieseke, Nothing Fancy
Mark Gieseke didn't do anything fancy. He just got hits.
12 - Vince Harris, Played for Bochy
Vince Harris' manager returned to the bigs. Harris never got there
13 - Brian Harrison, Super Job
Brian Harrison did well upon his return. He never made the majors.
14 - Chris Haslock, Continued Chance
Chris Haslock knew as long as he played, there was a chance.
15 - Steve Hendricks, Good Breaks
Steve Hendricks got good breaks early. Not enough for the bigs.
16 - Kevin Higgins, Heart Pounded
Kevin Higgins' heart pounded after his first major league hit.
17 - Kerry Knox, Like That
Kerry Knox was his short-season club's stopper. He never made the bigs.
18 - Heath Lane, Decision Made
Heath Lane made his decision to move on. He then became a high school coach.
Riverside Red Wave 1990 Best cover card with logo
19 - Kelly Lifgren, Top Team
Kelly Lifgren threw a shutout in short-season. He never made the majors.
20 - Luis Lopez, His Approach
Luis Lopez worked to be a starter, do his best.
21 - Steve Luebber, Tells Them
Steve Luebber has worked with a lot of pitchers.
22 - Bill Marx, Good Command
Bill Marx had good command for Spokane in 1985. He never made AA.
23 - Tony McGee, Off Guard
Tony McGee earned praise in 1989, not a long pro career.
24 - Darrin Reichle, Rare Breed
Darrin Reichle threw two no-hitters in the same season. He never made the majors
25 - Darrell Sherman, Scouts Doubted
Scouts weren't sure Darrell Sherman would make the bigs.
26 - Candy Sierra, Soon Enough
Candy Sierra made the Padres out of spring 1988. Roberto Alomar did not
27 - Greg Smith, Three Hits
Greg Smith helped his team to a 1988 win. He never made the majors.
28 - Dave Staton, Got Lucky
Dave Staton got lucky and made the bigs in two seasons.
29 - Royal Thomas, Some Durability
Royal Thomas showed early durability, later played a decade. He never made the majors.

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