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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Pawtucket Red Sox player profiles, AAA Boston Red Sox

Scott Wade 1990 Pawtucket Red Sox card

Features on each member of the 1990 Pawtucket Red Sox, AAA affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. Players are as included in that year's team set. 

Interviews (4)
1 - Rick Lancellotti, Christmas Morning
Rick Lancellotti likened getting his first call-up to Christmas morning.
2 - John Leister, Most Influential
After brief looks with the Steelers and the USFL, John Leister just looked for steady paycheck. The Red Sox gave it to him.
3 - Ed Nottle, Stayed in Baseball
Ed Nottle promised he'd stay in baseball as long as he could. He was still there 50 years later.
4 - Jim Pankovits, Be Ready
Jim Pankovits impressed upon his players the importance of being ready.

1990 Pawtucket Red Sox (30)
Rick Lancellotti autographed 1990 Pawtucket Red Sox card1 - Steven Bast played 4 seasons, then realized dream, as doctor
2 - Tom Bolton pitched well in Tigers start, saw 8 bigs seasons
3 - Scott Cooper, Can Do 
Scott Cooper wasn't trying to replace anyone with the Red Sox in 1993. He just wanted to show what he could do.
4 - Steve Curry, Best Job
Steve Curry knew where he was and what he had to do. He then made the majors for three starts.
5 - Mike Dalton, Excellent Control
Mike Dalton had herky-jerky delivery with control. He played 11 seasons as a pro, made the majors for four games.
6 - John Flaherty, Show Them
John Flaherty proved an early trade was a mistake, then played in 14 major league seasons.
7 - Angel Gonzalez, Filled Out
Angel Gonzalez got called up to the Red Sox for 1990 exhibition game at Pawtucket. He never got called up for an actual game.
8 - Jeff Gray, Breakout Season
Jeff Gray had a breakout season and a career ended by a stroke. He tried a comeback, but he never got back.
9 - Eric Hetzel, Go Pitch
He made the majors, then hoped to stay. Stayed over two seasons.
10 - Daryl Irvine, Sometimes Overthrew
Daryl Irvine saw his Red Sox career end, at the same time he also saw his major league career end after three seasons.
11 - Joe Johnson, Not Nervous
Joe Johnson wasn't nervous for his major league debut. He overcame a first-pitch single to go seven innings.
12 - Rick Lancellotti, Worth It
Rick Lancellotti made the majors, then moved to Japan and finally Italy. He has since become an instructor.
13 - John Leister, Childhood Dream
John Leister's childhood dream wasn't to play baseball. It was football. He still made the majors.
Pawtucket Red Sox 1990 checklist card
14 - John Marzano, Watch Him Hit
John Marzano impressed a Red Sox great with a quick bat, short stride. He played a decade in the bigs, passed away in 2008.
15 - Julius McDougal, Dazzlingly Paisley
Julius McDougal helped keep spring 1987 fun for the Twins. He spent nine seasons as pro, but he never made the majors.
16 - Mark Meleski, Season Openers
Mark Meleski saw many season openers as a player and coach in the Red Sox and Tigers systems. He never saw an opener in the majors.
17 - Tim Naehring, Harsh Game
Tim Naehring played in eight major league seasons, hit the disabled list seven times.
18 - Ed Nottle, Lifetime Busher
Ed Nottle joined the Army and then got introduced to baseball. He stayed in baseball for 50 years.
19 - Jim Pankovits, This Is Fun
Jim Pankovits waited nine seasons for his call-up. His start had people wondering why he wasn't called up sooner.
20 - Mickey Pina, Studied the Game
Mickey Pina felt he was an major league player. It didn't work out. He played seven seasons in the pros, but he never made majors.
21 - Phil Plantier, Something Else
Phil Plantier had very a aggressive swing. He went on to play in eight major league seasons.
22 - Mike Rochford, Good Stuff
Mike Rochford had the opportunities to execute in three major league seasons. He got into eight total games.
23 - Larry Shikles, Different Pitches
Larry Shikles used his different pitches to make AAA in the Red Sox system, but not the majors.
24 - Lee Stange, Stayed Within
Lee Stange helped the Red Sox to the 1967 league crown, later went on to be a Red Sox coach.
25 - Tito Stewart, Great Experience
Tito Stewart believed every time he pitched well he was closer to the majors. Never pitched well enough.
26 - Jeff Stone, That Job
Jeff Stone did his pushups, he then found out he was in the game. He hit a double, triple, and had 4 RBIs.
27 - John Trautwein, Greatest Experience
John Trautwein worked four seasons to make majors for nine games. After tragedy, he turned his attention to suicide prevention.
28 - Gary Tremblay, Blocked Them
Gary Tremblay showed how to catch in a spring 1989 game. He never got to do so in the majors.
29 - Scott Wade played over 12 minors seasons, missed bigs
30 - Pete Youngman, Track Record
Pete Youngman has a long track record as a trainer - 20 years with the Sacramento Kings.

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