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Friday, December 6, 2019

1990 Peoria Chiefs player profiles, Chicago Cubs affiliate

1990 Peoria Chiefs logo card
Features on each member of the 1990 Peoria Chiefs - and some others - as included in the 1990 team set of the Peoria Chiefs, single-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs.

Peoria Chiefs (50)
  1. John Y. Butler became Peoria GM 3 years from AAA internship
  2. Damon Berryhill had big World Series hit, saw decade in bigs
  3. Joseph Bosco wrote books on Peoria Chiefs, OJ Simpson trial
  4. Shawn Boskie threw complete-game in ML debut, saw 9 seasons
  5. Victor Cancel helped spark rally in 1991 game, saw 4 seasons
  6. Pedro Castellano's first major league RBI came with some luck, 11/22/19
  7. Marvin Cole learned to relax more, but couldn't take it to the bigs, 11/16/19
  8. Earl Cunningham tried to do the best he could, 11/24/19
  9. Lance Dickson felt, even as a first-round pick, he had to earn the majors, 11/26/19
  10. Jason Doss almost hit the ceiling when drafted out of high school, 11/15/19
  11. Chris Ebright hit a game-winner at AA in 1993, one of his final games, 11/26/19
  12. Jay Eddings didn't sign out of high school, later signed others as scout, 11/2/19
  13. Brad Erdman had his dream and it kept him playing over eight seasons, 10/22/19
  14. Rene Francisco played two seasons, then turned scout, Royals assistant general manager, 11/8/19
  15. Matt Franco took advice from his uncle - former minor leaguer Kurt Russell, 11/29/19
  16. Jac Gelb hoped to replicate his first minors season in his second, 11/9/19
  17. Henry Gomez started well at AAA, then hit a rough spot, 10/20/19
  18. Bill Harford helped build the Cubs as farm director and later built teams as a scout, 11/14/19
  19. Mike Harkey learned from injury, then played seven more big league campaigns, 10/29/19
  20. Jeff Hirsch gained some attention with a spring training pitch, 10/27/19
  21. Eric Jaques impressed in high school, played four seasons as a pro, 10/26/19
  22. Norm Jenkins returned to his alma mater after Peoria and made career there, 11/4/19
  23. Curley 'Boo' Johnson played basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters, 11/19/19
  24. Chris Lutz pitched well in college, played three pro seasons, 11/30/19
  25. Greg Mahlberg knew he'd get quality players at San Bernardino, 10/23/19
  26. Greg Maddux drew early comparisons to all-timers, then became one himself, 11/2/19
  27. Ray Mullino watched one of his players get drafted years after he was drafted himself, 11/7/19
  28. Rick Mundy gained confidence his first pro season, 10/25/19
  29. Jim Murphy went back to school and became an author and motivational speaker, 11/18/19
  30. Mike Nelson worked hard to run his own club, 11/4/19
  31. Jim O'Reilly gained experience as a trainer in college and the NFL, 11/23/19
  32. Bill Paynter looked forward to his third pro season, 10/24/19
  33. Jeff Pico threw a shutout in his major league debut, 10/30/19
  34. Ralph Rashid joined the Peoria Chiefs having already had a full lifetime of experiences, 11/5/19
  35. Ronnie Rasp played three pro seasons, then crushed his finger in an off-season accident, 11/9/19
  36. Jeff Reeser grew up 50 miles from Peoria, then became Peoria's assistant GM, 11/6/19
  37. Jim Robinson first scouted Clay Buchholtz, then cheered him, 11/6/19
  38. Bill St. Peter went from pro baseball to pro fishing, 11/25/19
  39. Woody Smith gave minors advice to cousin, neither made bigs
  40. Lester Strode spent more than three decades with the Cubs organization, 11/28/19
  41. Dave Swartzbaugh received support from his AAA pitching coach, then returned to bigs, 12/3/19
  42. Jim Sweeney threw a 1990 pitch that cleared the benches, 11/27/19
  43. Sully's Pub in Peoria had memorabilia, sponsored Peoria set
  44. Paul Torres showed his value over 14 minors seasons, 11/3/19
  45. Matt Walbeck showed he could play over 11 major league seasons, 11/7/19
  46. Kraig Washington came from a line of pro athletes, 12/5/19
  47. Jerrone Williams hit well in independent ball, couldn't get back to affiliated ball, 11/15/19
  48. Travis Willis initially hated relief, then it grew on him, 12/2/19
  49. Mark Young played two seasons as a pro, 17 as an amateur, 11/27/19
  50. Richie Zisk played in 13 major league seasons, then coached, 12/4/19
1990 Peoria Chiefs logo card

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