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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1990 Palm Springs Angels, California: Baseball Profiles

Clemente Acosta 1990 Palm Springs Angels card

Features on each member of the 1990 Palm Springs Angels, single-A affiliate of the California Angels.

Palm Springs Angels (29)
1990 Palm Springs Angels checklist card
1 - Clemente Acosta pitched 7 seasons
2 - Terry Carr hit over 5 pro seasons
3 - Marvin Cobb helped in relief at Bend, saw 4 seasons
4 - Frank Dominguez guessed right in high school, saw 4 seasons
5 - Steve Dunn pitched well in college, saw 3 pro seasons
6 - Jim Edmonds adjusted to 17 ML seasons
7David Esquer led as college coach, played 3 pro seasons
8 - John Fritz, Good Impression
John Fritz tried to leave them with a good impression.
9 - Jeff Kelso, Hit It
Jeff Kelso made a fastball the game-winner at short-season. He never made AA.
10 - Jeff Kipila, More Comfortable
Jeff Kipila felt more comfortable at the plate. He made AAA, but not the bigs.
11 - Brett Merriman, That Control
Brett Merriman used his control for a high school no-hitter. He made the bigs in two seasons.
12 - David Martinez, Second Game
David Martinez played eight seasons as a pro. He never made the bigs.
13 - Jeff Oberdank, His Assets, 5/5/15
14 - Nate Oliver, Little Things
Nate Oliver knew that little things counted in baseball
15 - Larry Pardo, Fiercely Proud
Larry Pardo has played, coached and scouted in pro ball.
16 - Richard Parker, Big Hit
Richard Parker got a big hit early. He later tried pitching. He never made AA.
17 - Dave Partrick saw six seasons, played in field and on mound
18 - Beban Perez, Three Hits
Beban Perez helped his independent team to a big win in 1995.
19 - J.R. Phillips, He Did
J.R. Phillips did what he did, made seven ML seasons.
20 - Kernan Ronan, Great Expertise
Kernan Ronan had great expertise as a minor league coach.
21 - Tim Salmon, Dreaming About
Tim Salmon knew the situation and he knew it was big.
22 - Mike Search, Positive Energy
Mike Search brought positive energy to his high school team. He never made AA.
24 - Dave Sturdivant, Three Runners
Catcher Dave Sturdivant once threw out three runners in a game. He never made AAA.
25 - Terry Taylor, Had Potential
Terry Taylor had big hopes out of college. He never made it above AA.
26 - Brandy Vann, Just Pitch
Brandy Vann started over. He hoped he'd make the bigs. He never made it.
27 - Don Vidmar, To Work
Don Vidmar threw a high-A no-hitter. He played five seasons, not in the bigs.
28 - Tim Wallace, Only Thing
Tim Wallace's pro career lasted longer than a decade. He never made the bigs.
29 - Wally Warrecker, Complete Game
Wally Warrecker threw a complete game in college. He played two seasons as a pro.

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