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Friday, August 13, 2021

1990 Fort Lauderdale Yankees player profiles, New York

Tom Newell 1990 Fort Lauderdale Yankees card

Features on each member of the 1990 Fort Lauderdale Yankees, high-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, as included in that year's team set. 

Fort Lauderdale Yankees (27)
  1. Rich Barnwell felt comfortable enough to see 7 pro seasons
  2. Frank Brubaker saw two seasons, missed bigs, but son made it
  3. Hernan Cortes had rocky start to pro career; Came back to see for pro seasons, made AA, 5/5/21
  4. Todd Devereaux liked to hit enough to make Division 1, turn pro; Saw two seasons, made high-A, 8/6/21
  5. Mike Draper got shifted from starting to relief, then made the bigs with another shift, to the Mets, 8/10/21
  6. Kirk Dulom buckled down, got back on college field and turned pro; Played single pro campaign, 2/4/21
  7. Rod Ehrhard didn't mind position switches, as long as he got to play; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 8/13/21
  8. Victor Garcia Jr. improved at AA Albany-Colonie; Made AAA, missed bigs, 5/2/21
  9. Kenny Greer made ML debut in game's 17th inning, got win; Saw nine total ML outings, 8/7/21
  10. Mike Hart spent enough time in the game, more than three decades, as player, coach, 7/28/21
  11. Jeff Johnson got his slider going for the Yankees; Saw three major league seasons, 8/4/21
  12. Jay Knoblauh played to win over seven pro seasons; Made AAA, missed bigs, 8/2/21
  13. Jeff Livesey won HS praise, saw minors, coached in majors, 3/29/21 
  14. Skip Nelloms got discouraged at beginning, played three seasons, made high-A, 2/5/21
  15. Tom Newell started as outfielder, then turned to pitching; He then made bigs for two outings, 3/20/21
  16. Rey Noriega worked hard in college, turned pro as late-round pick; Saw five seasons, made AAA, 6/29/21
  17. Mark Ohlms showed his competitiveness on the field; Played seven seasons, made AAA, 3/23/21
  18. Ed Pimentel proved a leader in college; Saw two pro seasons, made high-A, 3/19/21
  19. Tom Popplewell took simple formula to nine pro seasons; Made AAA, 5/4/21
  20. Dave Schuler concentrated as a pitcher, later worked with young pitchers to do same, 3/15/21
  21. Larry Stanford had right pitches to make bigs, but elbow injury left him short of majors, 3/16/21
  22. Rob Thomson has earned trust of his players as majors coach with Yankees, Phillies, 8/9/21
  23. Dave Turgeon has gained close connections over 30-plus years in game; Played, then coached, 7/31/21
  24. Hector Vargas worked to make double plays at AA; Played more than decade, made AAA, 3/18/21
  25. Adam Wagner served as trainer in high-A All-Star game and in Venezuela; Minors career proved brief, 7/30/21
  26. Gerald Williams got plenty of playing time over 14 seasons in the bigs, 3/21/21
  27. Mark Zettelmeyer loved baseball, had exciting career with Yankees with help of cousin, 5/6/21

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