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Saturday, January 5, 2013

1990 Spartanburg Phillies, Philadelphia: Baseball Profiles

Spartanburg's Duncan Park, home to the 1990 Spartanburg Phillies, in 2016. (Greatest 21 Days)
Features on each member of the 1990 Spartanburg Phillies, as included in that year's team set

Spartanburg Phillies (31)
Brian Adams 1990 Spartanburg Phillies card
1 - Brian Adams set records in college
2 - Dana Brown turned scouting director
3 - Buzz Capra made majors, later coached
4 - Tim Churchill had college hit streak
5 - Matt Current became proud youth coach
6 - Donnie Elliott, In Shock
Donnie Elliott debuted as a starter, then played the rest of his major league time as a reliever.
7 - John Escobar, Bald Power
John Escobar used 'bald power' to help win a 1993 game. He couldn't use it to get himself to the majors.
8 - Paul Fletcher, Pretty Amazing
Paul Fletcher could hardly describe the feeling of his major league debut. He played in three major league seasons.
1990 Spartanburg Phillies checklist card9 - Robert Gaddy, Breaking Ball
Robert Gaddy had early success at AA in 1993, but he couldn't build on that to get him to the majors.
10 - Darrell Goedhart, Three Pitches
Darrell Goedhart had enough pitches to extend his career to 10 seasons, not enough to make the majors.
11 - Todd Goergen, Few Fireworks
Todd Goergen saw fireworks after a late-career start. His career itself had few fireworks left.
12 - Greg Gunderson, Gameday Decision
Greg Gunderson helped Mark Mulder become a top pitcher at Michigan State. He kept in touch.
13 - Tom Hardgrove, Great Approach
Tom Hardgrove won part of his collegiate league's home run record. He couldn't turn that into a long pro career.
14 - Ricky Jones, Common Dream
Ricky Jones realized his dream, played as a pro for nine seasons. He played in the majors for part of one.
15 - Chris Limbach, Best Pitch
Chris Limbach's best pitch was his curve, but it wasn't good enough to get him above AA.
16 - Antonio Linares, Couldn't Wait
Antonio Linares could handle the curve, but not men on base. He never made it out of single-A.
17 - Tom Marsh, Goose Bumps
Tom Marsh hit his first major league grand slam, then got goose bumps listening to the replay.
18 - Eduardo Ortega, Good Month
Eduardo Ortega had a good month in 1989 at Batavia, but he couldn't translate that into a good career.
19 - Eulogio Perez, Scored Easily
Eulogio Perez scored easily on a 1990 misplayed ball. His career wasn't as easy. It lasted just three seasons.
20 - Mel Roberts, Got There
Mel Roberts finally made the majors in 1992 with the Phillies as a coach, after three decades in the game.
21 - Nick Santa Cruz, Sophomore Season
Nick Santa Cruz' college season was enough to get him a pro contract. But he never saw the majors.
22 - Dan Shannon, Pitching Career
Dan Shannon tried his hand at pitching. It went about as well as his fielding. He never made the majors.
23 - Matt Stevens, Some Excitement
Matt Stevens joked that he wanted excitement in the game. He couldn't get enough to get to the majors.
24 - Craig Strobel, Athletic Training
Craig Strobel took care of injuries and helped prevent them.
25 - Mike Sullivan, Lesson Learned
Mike Sullivan learned his lesson in his second pro season. He couldn't take that lesson to the majors.
26 - Joe Urbon, Straight Shooter
Agent Joe Urbon earned the respect of one GM, and also clients. His own playing career was brief.
27 - Gil Valencia, His Shot
Gil Valencia wanted to take his shot. He took it, but he never made the majors.
28 - Dan Welch, Doubled Off
Dan Welch's career was a short one, just two seasons in the Phillies organization. He never got above single-A.
29 - Bob Wells, Best Impression: Bob Wells did his best Randy Johnson impression in 1996 - he threw a complete-game shutout.
30 - Scott Wiegandt, Enjoy Most
Scott Wiegandt played at the same school where he now serves as athletic director. He played a decade in the minors, never made the bigs.
31 - Rick Zolzer, Utmost Passion
Rick Zolzer has done many things, but his passion has been for the Hudson Valley Renegades.

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