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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Albuquerque Dukes profiles, Los Angeles Dodgers

Billy Bean 1990 Albuquerque Dukes card

Features on each member of the 1990 Albuquerque Dukes, AAA affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Players are as included in that year's team sets.

Interviews (5)
Dan Henley autographed 1990 Albuquerque Dukes card1 - Butch Davis, Home Crowd
Butch Davis made it to second base on his first major league hit. The fielder had to tell him to tip his cap to the crowd. 
2 - Dan Henley, That Dream
Dan Henley played six seasons as a pro, trying his best to get to the bigs. He never made it.
3 - Morris Madden, Didn't Quit
Morris Madden wanted to quit, but his family got him to stay. He then made the majors.
4 - Jim Neidlinger, No Power Pitcher
Jim Neidlinger respects mid-range velocity pitchers. That's because he was one.
5 - Tim Scott, Started Throwing
Tim Scott helped anchor the Expos bullpen in 1994. He believed the team was the best in the game that year.

Albuquerque Dukes (30)
Jeff Bittiger 1990 Albuquerque Dukes card
1 - Billy Bean made headlines in his majors playing days, after
2 - Jeff Bittiger showed confidence in bigs, saw four ML seasons
3 - Adam Brown felt invincible when he signed, not decade later
4 - Mike Christopher returned to majors in other situation
5  - Butch Davis, Played Hard
Butch Davis went out and played hard. He wanted to return to the majors.
6 - Steve Davis, Working Lefty
Steve Davis made the Blue Jays in 1985, but he knew he still had work to do. He played in three major league seasons.
7 - Jeff Fischer, Up and Down
Jeff Fischer had up and down seasons. He made it up to the majors twice, for six games.
8 - Darrin Fletcher, Lot of Pride
Darrin Fletcher caught a no-hitter in 1991. He didn't realize it until late in the game.
9 - Dave Hansen, Locked In
Dave Hansen knew pinch hitting. He held the Dodger record for pinch hits.
10 - Dan Henley, Ready Ballplayer
Dan Henley did everything for USC. He hit, ran and played defense. He played six seasons as a pro.
11 - Carlos Hernandez, Worked Hard
Carlos Hernandez just wanted to play. He ended up playing in 10 major league seasons.
12 - Glenn Hoffman, Also Instruction
Glenn Hoffman had a good rookie year with the Red Sox, but he couldn't replicate it. He later turned coach.
Albuquerque Dukes 1990 checklist card
13 - Darren Holmes, Battled Back
Darren Holmes saved 25 games for the expansion Rockies in 1993. He pitched in 13 major league seasons.
14 - Mike Huff, Been Confident
Mike Huff felt self-doubt when he didn't get the call in 1990. He got new life from the Indians.
15 - Von Joshua, Physics of the Swing
Von Joshua became a coach with the Dodgers and later the Cubs, after a long playing career.
16 - Kevin Kennedy, Communication Skills
Kevin Kennedy used his communication skills as manager for the Rangers and the Red Sox, later as a commentator.
17 - Wayne Kirby, His Time
Wayne Kirby paid his dues in the minors for 11 seasons. He then became a major league starter.
18 - Luis Lopez, Extended Career
Luis Lopez got 41 games in the majors, then extended his career as a top hitter in Japan.
19 - Morris Madden, Not A Quitter
Morris Madden almost quit while he was still in single-A. But he kept going, and made the majors.
20 - Mike Maddux, Prepared to Pitch
Mike Maddux came prepared to pitch in 1986. He later got his pitchers prepared to pitch in the World Series.
21 - Greg Mayberry, Game Ended
Greg Mayberry pitched for the Dodgers in spring 1990. He never pitched for them in the majors.
22 - Walt McConnell, Bounce Back
Walt McConnell played in seven seasons. He never made the majors.
23 - Jim Neidlinger, Savoring the Minutes
Jim Neidlinger's wife couldn't be at his major league debut. She cheered for him from a bar. Others soon joined in.
24 - Jose Offerman, With His Bat
Jose Offerman used his bat to hit a home run in his first major league at bat. He later used his bat and got arrested.
25 - Claude Osteen, Many Scenarios
Claude Osteen went from a long major league pitching career to a long career as a coach.
26 - Tim Scott, Didn't Mind
Tim Scott played parts of seven seasons in the majors. He later became a high school coach.
27 - Dennis Springer, Being Different
Dennis Springer made the majors after almost a decade in the minors. He then threw his knuckleball in eight major league seasons.
28 - Jose Vizcaino, Game Winner
Jose Vizcaino realized his dream in 2000 with the Yankees, and then exceeded it.
29 - Dave Walsh, Tough Decisions
Dave Walsh was happy to still be with the Dodgers after being sent down in 1991. He just never got back.
30 - Terry Wells, Fresh Start
Terry Wells welcomed his trade from the Astros to the Dodgers. He got a fresh start, and made the bigs for five outings.

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