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Saturday, April 20, 2013

1990 Augusta Pirates, Pittsburgh: Baseball Profiles

Felix Antigua 1990 Augusta Pirates card

Features on each member of the 1990 Augusta Pirates, single-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Players are as included in that year's team set.

Interview (1)
1 - Austin Manahan, His Shot
Austin Manahan heard he might go high. He didn't expect that high.

Augusta Pirates (26)
1 - Felix Antigua hit consistently at Augusta; Saw four seasons
2 - Scott Arvesen felt really good in 1990 outing, saw 4 seasons
6 - Lee Driggers, More Satisfaction
Lee Driggers played in the minors, but he got so much more satisfaction out of coaching.
7 - Willie Greene, His Game
Willie Greene could have played basketball or football. Baseball, though, was his game.
8 - Bill Holmes, Major Prospect
Bill Holmes put on a hitting display in college. He couldn't put on one in the pros. He played just two seasons.
9 - Brent Honeywell worked on velocity over 3 seasons, as coach
10 - Deron Johnson, His Niche
Deron Johnson found his niche in scouting. He became head scout for the Twins. His playing career lasted three seasons.
11 - Austin Manahan, Struggled A Bit
The Pirates liked what they saw in Austin Manahan. He ended up playing eight seasons, but he never made the bigs.
12 - Ramon Martinez, Three Runs
Ramon Martinez went four pro seasons, served mostly as a reliever. He never made the majors.
13 - Wayne Masters, Championship City
Wayne Masters only got two seasons as a pro. He never got to see the big championship city of Pittsburgh.
14 - Jason Nixon set records, turned pro, 4/11/13
15 - Eric Parkinson, Up-and-Coming
Eric Parkinson had a incredible feeling pitching against AAA players in an exhibition. He never got into an actual AAA game.
16 - Will Pennyfeather, Major Asset
Will Pennyfeather played for nearly two decades. He made the bigs in three seasons with the Pirates.
17 - Darryl Ratliff, Was There
Darryl Ratliff ran down balls in 11 pro seasons. He never got the chance to do so in the majors.
18 - Roman Rodriguez, Bullpen Catcher
Roman Rodriguez never made the bigs as a player. He made it as a bullpen catcher. He's served with the Yankees for a decade.
19 - Kevin Rychel, Pitch Count
Kevin Rychel pitched well in 1990, even on a pitch count. He played eight seasons, but he never made the bigs.
20 - Delvy Santiago, Extremely Proud
Delvy Santiago as a scout saw potential in a prospect. That prospect made the bigs, Delvy didn't.
21 - Winston Seymour, Little Luck
Winston Seymour had little luck on one night in 1989 and had little luck with a long career. He never made AA.
22 - Jessie Torres, Home Run
Jessie Torres didn't hit a lot of home runs, but he hit one this night in August 1992. He never made the bigs.
23 - Ken Trusky, Hopefully Improve
Ken Trusky wanted to get off to a good start. He never got a good enough start to make AA.
24 - Bobby Underwood, Fine Pitcher
Bobby Underwood was fortunate his college coaches pitched him when they did. He got a four-season pro career.
25 - Paul Wagner, One Night
Paul Wagner had it fixed for one night, then saw a no-hitter go past him with one out to go.
26 - Ron Way, Likely Wasn't
Ron Way played four seasons as a pro, but never made it out of high-A. He has since helped open a restaurant.

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