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Monday, April 15, 2013

Winston Seymour, Little Luck - PC2475

Winston Seymour had no chance to get back to first, his only shot to record the out was tagging the runner.

The runner in this April 1989 game, though, dove around Seymour's tag, making it to first. The runner eventually came around to score, tying the game against Seymour's Salem Buccaneers, according to The Newport News Daily Press.

While Seymour had little luck that night in 1989 getting the out, on a larger scale he had little luck in his overall professional career. He only ultimately had enough luck to last him four seasons as a pro, never making it to AA.

Seymour's career began in 1987, signed by the Pirates as an undrafted free agent out of his native Bahamas.

The lefty Seymour started with the Pirates as a 21-year-old in the rookie Gulf Coast League. There, he got into 19 games, hitting .264.

For 1988, Seymour stayed in rookie ball, moving to Princeton. At Princeton, he played 52 games, hitting .258.

Seymour started his third campaign at single-A Salem, ultimately playing 70 games and hitting .232. He also played later that year at short-season Welland, hitting .256 in 35 games.

Seymour's final season as a pro came in 1990, playing just 12 games at single-A Augusta, ending his career.

In time since, Seymour appears to have returned to the Bahamas. A Winston Seymour is credited by The Tribune of the Bahamas as playing in the New Providence Softball Association in 2005. That Winston Seymour is pictured left-handed and playing first base.
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