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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

1990 Butte Copper Kings player profiles, Texas Rangers

Greg Blevins 1990 Butte Copper Kings card

Features on each member of the 1990 Butte Copper Kings, rookie league affiliate of the Texas Rangers, as included in that year's team set.

Butte Copper Kings (30)

  1. Greg Blevins had big college day, played two pro seasons
  2. Terry Burrows critiqued himself, then made four bigs seasons
  3. Rodney Busha won second pro game in 1990, didn't win another
  4. Jose Cardona pitched well over two seasons, but an injury ended his career, 7/30/20
  5. Miguel Castellano helped his team remain in 1991 playoff race; Saw five seasons, made AA, 8/1/20
  6. Steve Dreyer didn't expect to be drafted; He then made the majors over two seasons, 8/30/20
  7. Scott Erickson threw strikes in college; Unlike other player with same name, he saw two pro seasons, made single-A, 8/11/20
  8. Chris Gies made AA, didn't want to get too excited; Played four pro seasons, didn't make bigs, 8/10/20
  9. Rusty Greer hustled his way to nine big league seasons, all with the Rangers, 8/28/20
  10. Todd Guggiana played four pro seasons, then used his experience in a new career, as a scout, 8/2/20
  11. David Hulse became a major league hitter over five seasons; Later tried return from injury, 9/4/20
  12. Paul Matachun played multiple positions over three seasons, made single-A, 8/23/20
  13. Malvin Matos felt good at independent Alexandria; Played 14 pro seasons, never made bigs, 7/30/20
  14. Brian Mercado hit well his first season; Learned his second wouldn't happen from team official on golf cart, 8/15/20
  15. Brian Mouton used his ability to play professionally over two seasons; Played in rookie ball, 8/14/20
  16. Keith Murray lost nearly his entire first season to injury, played in just one more, 8/28/20
  17. Danny Patterson got drafted in the 47th round, then made bigs over nine seasons, 9/5/20
  18. Shannon Penn made the bigs and got to see the big boys play; Played there himself over nine games, 9/6/20
  19. Marty Posey came back strong with single-A Gastonia in 1991; Played two pro seasons, 8/30/20
  20. Scott Ramharter realized his dream by playing as pro; Career ended quickly with shoulder issue, later became coach, 8/4/20
  21. Victor Reyes played four pro seasons at catcher, made high-A; Hit home run in independent ball, 8/23/20
  22. Bobby St. Pe signed as a free agent out of high school; Saw two pro seasons, both in rookie ball, 9/7/20
  23. Brian Scheetz had baseball ties as a player, later had them as a youth coach; Played two pro seasons, 8/5/20
  24. Jon Shave made the most of his time in the bigs; Saw three seasons there, including all of 1999, 8/18/20
  25. Dan Smith improved his slider enough to see two ML seasons; Returned from injury, 8/16/20
  26. Steve Surico chose college over the pros; Came back from injury, saw all of seven pro games, 8/12/20
  27. Tyrone Washington went on a scoreless stretch in 1991; Played five pro seasons, made high-A, 8/7/20
  28. Andy Watson waited on pros and improved draft status; Played two pro seasons, injury ended career, 8/4/20
  29. Tim Wells liked taking mound with runners on base; Saw two pro seasons, made single-A, 8/6/20
  30. Matt Whiteside pitched in bigs over 11 seasons, also saw Japan; ML career almost ended in moment's frustration, 8/14/20

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