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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Tucson Toros player profiles, AAA Houston Astros

Ryan Bowen 1990 Tucson Toros card

Features on each member of the 1990 Tucson Toros, AAA affiliate of the Houston Astros. Players are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interview (2)
1 - Randy Hennis, Biggest Jolt
Randy Hennis heard his name called to start working. It was the biggest jolt of his life.
2- Carl Nichols, Different World
Carl Nichols made the majors. He then couldn't wait to get to a phone.

Tucson Toros (27)
Carl Nichols autographed 1990 Tucson Toros card1 - Ryan Bowen earned reputation as hard-luck majors pitcher
2 - William Brennan saw two majors stints, five seasons apart
3 - Terry Clark kept plugging away, made bigs in 6 seasons
4 - Gary Cooper, To Win
Gary Cooper used his BYU Hall induction to look back on his career, one where he made the Astros for nine games.
5 - Kevin Dean, More Fortunate
Kevin Dean was fortunate enough to get taken in the first round, but not enough to make the majors.
6 - Brian Fisher, Good Idea
Brian Fisher moved from reliever with the Yankees to starter with the Pirates. He played in seven major league seasons.
7 - Randy Hennis, Roller Coster
Randy Hennis' major league career began hot, one hit in 9.2 innings. It also ended quick with injuries.
8 - Darryl Kile, Announced Starter
Darryl Kile was listed as a starter for his debut, for his no-hitter. He was also listed as the starter for his memorial.
9 - Louie Meadows, Into Place
Louie Meadows didn't mind that he was competing for a backup Astros spot. As long as it was a major league spot.
10 - Brian Meyer, Hanging Slider
Brian Meyer tried to get the double play in one game, but gave up a home run and got the loss.
11 - Carl Nichols, High Pressure
Carl Nichols broke up a tie major league game in 1990 with a single. He played all of 96 games in the majors.
12 - Jim Olander waited decade, then major league dream came true
Tucson Toros 1990 checklist card
13 - Javier Ortiz, Gained Confidence
Javier Ortiz saw an opening in the Astros offense in 1991 and hoped he'd stick. He played in 47 games, but didn't return.
14 - Karl "Tuffy" Rhodes, Looked Back
Tuffy Rhodes hit three home runs Opening Day 1994. He then became a star in Japan.
15 - David Rohde, Made Adjustments
David Rohde made the Astros and hoped he could keep going. He played in a total of 93 major league games.
16 - Randy St. Claire, First Win
Randy St. Claire used his first major league hit to pick up his first major league win as a pitcher.
17 - Pedro Sanchez, Grand Slam
Pedro Sanchez hit a walk-off grand slam at AA in 1989. He never had a chance to do the same in the majors.
18 - Scott Servais, His Opportunity
Scott Servais never just watched games as a backup catcher. He'd study and grade.
19 - Mike Simms, Bench Player
Mike Simms was a bench player. When he got to play, he took advantage.
20 - Bob Skinner, Much Pride
Bob Skinner managed the Phillies in '68 and '69. He went on to a long career as a coach.
21 - Craig Smajstrla, Not Quite
Craig Smajstrla went as far as he could as a player. That included eight games spent with the Astros.
22 - Harry Spilman, Manny's Mom
Harry Spilman knew he had to be patient to make the bigs. He played in 12 major league seasons.
23 - Doug Strange, Some Perspective
Doug Strange gained perspective then gained nine seasons with time in the bigs.
24 - Brent Strom, Understands That
Brent Strom knew each pitcher was different. He brought that to his work as a coach.
25 - Jose Tolentino, Best Chance
Jose Tolentino took his best major league chance and made the Astros in his ninth season. He has gone on to be an announcer.
26 - Tim Tolman, Different Role
Tim Tolman made it back to the bigs as a coach, then stepped down due to Parkinson's disease.
27 - Lee Tunnell, Had Confidence
Lee Tunnell didn't lose confidence in his ability. He played in six major league seasons.

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