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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1990 Everett Giants player profiles, San Francisco affiliate

on each member of the 1990 Everett Giants, short-season affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. Players are as included in that year's team set.

Interview (1)
1 - Mate Borgogno, The Rest
Mate Borgogno realized his dream of playing as a pro. His career, though, was brief.

Everett Giants (33)
Lenny Ayers 1990 Everett Giants card1 - Jim Averill kept Everett Giants fans happy as The Walker
2 - Lenny Ayres played 3 seasons, later worked with kids at Y
3 - Mate Borgogno worked to get noticed by scouts, saw 2 seasons
4 - Dan Carlson made majors over four seasons, 23 appearances
5 - Eric Christopherson played 10 seasons, made AAA in five
6 - Brian Dakin, Career Level
Brian Dakin's sports playing career was a brief one; his sports reporting career has been much longer.
7 - Courtney Davis, Ample Opportunity
Courtney Davis struggled in 1991 and never recovered. He never made the majors.
8 - Scott Ebert, Too Fierce
Everett Giants 1990 checklist card
Scott Ebert was sometimes too fierce. He couldn't translate that to the pros. He played four seasons, but he never made the bigs.
9 - Dave Edwards, Proper Attention
Teenage injuries helped Dave Edwards get his World Series ring.
10 - Dan Flanagan, Two Scoreless
Dan Flanagan threw 13.1 scoreless for VCU in 1990. He went on to three pro seasons. He never made majors.
11 - Frank Gould, Third Win 
Frank Gould helped Pocatello to a 1989 win. He couldn't help himself to a long pro career. He played just three seasons.
12 - Shelby Hart, Inside-the-Park
Shelby Hart hit an inside-the-parker in high school. He went on to a pro career, but a brief one.
13 - Mike Helms, Missed It
Mike Helms played basketball at Oregon, then pro baseball with the Giants. His pro baseball career lasted just two seasons.
14 - James Huslig, Throw Strikes
James Huslig threw a college no-hitter. His opportunities to do so in the pros were few. He played a single season.
15 - Adam Hyzdu, Prepared Himself
Adam Hyzdu prepared himself for anything. He eventually played in seven major league seasons.
16 - John Jackson, Gut Feeling
John Jackson played both baseball and football. He made the NFL, but not the majors.
17 - Marcus Jensen, Break Through
Marcus Jensen tried to beat the defensive player label. He played in seven major league seasons
18 - Juan Lopez played then coached, made bigs as bullpen coach
19 - Deron McCue, Six Innings
Deron McCue wanted to see what his team had in 1990. He played and coached, but never made the majors.
20 - Kevin McGehee, Much Adrenalin
Kevin McGehee had much adrenalin in his major league debut. He ended up getting just four more major league appearances.
21 - Brian McLeod, Back In
Brian McLeod was effective in a June 1990 game at Everett, but wasn't effective enough in his career to make the majors.
22 - Mike Myers, Left-Handed Specialist
A smashed hand hurt Mike Myers' draft status. It didn't hurt his career.
23 - Kurt Peltzer, Talked About
Kurt Peltzer gave himself something to talk about in 1995 with a no-hitter. He never got the chance to in the bigs.
24 - Derek Reid, Outstanding Catch
Derek Reid had a good catch in college. He never got the chance for one in the bigs.
25 - Keith Ringgold, Unconventional Run
Keith Ringgold scored an unconventional run for Everett in 1990. His pro career was brief.
26 - Joe Rosselli, Definitely Nervous
Joe Rosselli was definitely nervous for his first major league start. He got nine total major league outings.
27 - Diego Segui, More Motion
Diego Segui fooled batters with his fork ball. He pitched in 15 major league seasons.
28 - Jason Sievers, Worked a Walk
Jason Sievers drew a walk, but it wasn't what his team needed. He went on to play five seasons as a pro, but he never made the bigs.
29 - Tony Spires, Triple Total
Tony Spires remains on his college conference's triple leader board. He played only two seasons as a pro.
30 - Dan Varnell, His Power
Dan Varnell helped his short-season team to 1990 a win with a home run. His career lasted just 39 games.
31 - Ricky Ward, Too Much
Ricky Ward speaks to hitters with experience. He played five seasons as a pro, but never made the bigs.
32 - Mark Yockey, Different Perspective
Mark Yockey helped Lewis-Clark State to NAIA World Series, he couldn't help himself to the majors.
33 - Jason Young, Stolen Bases
Jason Young helped his college team with stolen bases. He couldn't help himself as pro higher than high-A.

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