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Monday, December 26, 2022

1990 Prince William Cannons player profiles, Yankees

Features on each member of the 1990 Prince William Cannons, high-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, as included in that year's team set. 

Prince William Cannons (30)

  1. Sammy Arena started as clubhouse manager, became club GM
  2. Brad Ausmus played 18 majors seasons, then turned manager
  3. Jason Bridges just wanted to play, did so over 3 pro seasons
  4. Mike Brown saw six major league seasons, coached, scouted
  5. Art Canestro saw five pro seasons, elbow injury ended career
  6. Russ Davis dreamed about playing in big leagues; Made it over eight seasons, with three teams, 12/25/22
  7. Gary Denbo knew Jeter's swing better than anyone; Served as player, coach, in Jeter's front office, 12/6/22
  8. Herb Erhardt believed as long as he played, he had a chance; Saw four seasons, made high-A, 11/20/22
  9. Mike Gardella's confidence improved watching big leaguers; Saw seven pro seasons, made AAA, 12/5/22
  10. Cullen Hartzog became among Yankees' top prospects, then got injured; Saw five pro seasons, made AA, 12/8/22
  11. Kiki Hernandez worked hard mentally and physically over decade in pros; Topped out at AAA, 12/1/22
  12. David Howell helped carry college team's offense; Saw five pro seasons, made AA, 12/10/22
  13. Darren London handled scary incident first year as trainer, then spent three decades in organization, 12/17/22
  14. Bob Mariano did pretty much everything over his long career in baseball; Had passion to teach, 12/19/22
  15. Ed Martel made AAA with the Yankees, but injuries slowed career; Later studied injuries; Passed in 2018, 11/13/22
  16. James Moody received praise at Oneonta and Prince William; Saw two pro seasons, made high-A, 12/2/22
  17. Jerry Nielsen got ML debut out of way without nerves; Saw two ML seasons with Yankees, Angels, 11/13/22
  18. Sherman Obando hoped for regular big league time, got it with Expos - then in Japan, 11/12/22
  19. Paul Oster set short-term goals early on; Saw seven pro campaigns, made AA, 11/11/22
  20. Rich Polak adjusted to pros and new pitching role; Saw six seasons, made AA, 11/12/22
  21. Bruce Prybylinski came back from bad arm to make AA; Saw six pro seasons, missed bigs, 11/15/22
  22. Curtis Ralph felt confident in himself, then saw eight pro seasons; Made AAA, 11/10/22
  23. Andres Rodriguez had solid night for Fort Lauderdale in 1992; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 12/21/22
  24. Frank Seminara pitched well-controlled over three major league seasons, then went into financial advising, 12/10/22
  25. Dave Silvestri played baseball in the Olympics and in bigs: Saw time in eight ML seasons, 12/3/22
  26. J.T. Snow took pride in his defense; Saw 16 ML seasons, won six Gold Gloves, 11/29/22
  27. John Viera saw college career imperiled by miscommunication; Saw four pro seasons, made AAA, 11/11/22
  28. Tom Weeks played with Deion at Fort Lauderdale; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 11/17/22
  29. Jim Wiley threw strong innings at high-A; Saw six pro seasons, topped out at AA, 11/27/22
  30. Mauricio Zazueta started in the Yankees system, then made a career in his native Mexico, 12/20/22

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