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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Portland Beavers, Minnesota Twins: Baseball Profiles

Dave Jacas 1990 Portland Beavers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Portland Beavers, the AAA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. Players are as included in that year's team set. Click on the players' names to read more.

Interviews (3)
1 - Paul Abbott: Paul Abbott didn't let his dream as an 8-year-old get away. He first realized his dream in 1990.
2 - Vic Rodriguez: Vic Rodriguez appreciated his time in the majors as a player. It didn't last long.
3 - Paul Sorrento: Paul Sorrento had a lengthy career as a player. He later returned to the field as a coach.

Portland Beavers (28)
1 - Paul Abbott returned from injuries
2 - Doug Baker helped Detroit in 1984
3 - Pat Bangtson made Twins AAA, coached
4 - Bernardo Brito saw 40 ML games, Japan
5 - J.T. Bruett made majors in two seasons
6 - Larry Casian saw 9 ML seasons, coached
7 - Mike Cook made majors, then returned
8 - Rafael DeLima: Rafael DeLima was looked at by the Twins to fill an outfield hole. He never got his call.
9 - Pete Delkus: Pete Delkus moved from a playing career dependent on the weather to a career forecasting it.
10 - Mike Dyer: It took Mike Dyer four seasons to make the majors. It took him five to get back.
11 - Mark Guthrie: Mark Guthrie continued after his first major league win to play in 15 big league seasons.
12 - Chip Hale: Chip Hale's first spring games made him nervous. He went on to games in seven major league seasons.
13 - Dave Jacas proved dynamic, made AAA
14 - Terry Jorgensen: Terry Jorgensen hit poorly and wasn't sure if he'd get back to the majors. He got back, three years later.
15 - Jim Kahmann trained in minors, bigs
16 - Marty Lanoux: Marty Lanoux provided some big runs for AA Orlando. He never got the chance to do so in the bigs.
17 - Scott Leius: Scott Leius was just looking to get on base in Game 2 of the 1991 World Series. He hit the game-winning home run.
18 - Ed Naveda: Ed Naveda did well back at AA in 1990. He never did well enough to make the majors.
19 - Jamie Nelson: Jamie Nelson got a lengthy stint with the Mariners in 1983. It was his only stint in the majors. He later turned coach.
20 - Francisco Oliveras: Francisco Oliveras got his first major league outings in his ninth season as a pro. He pitched in four major league seasons.
21 - Derek Parks: Derek Parks knew he could hit, if he stayed healthy. He got a total of 45 games with the Twins.
22 - Park Pittman: Park Pittman thought the 1990 lockout might not let him show his stuff for the Twins. He never made the majors.
23 - Vic Rodriguez: Vic Rodriguez has more than three decades in the game, including time in the majors as a player.
24 - Charles Scott: Charles Scott helps get high schoolers noticed as a coach. He helped himself to eight seasons as pro, but not the majors.
25 - Jim Shellenback: Jim Shellenback knew pitchers needed to learn from mistakes and focus on strong points.
26 - Paul Sorrento: Paul Sorrento used his bat to hit 166 major league home runs. A teammate used his bat as a stand-in.
27 - Jimmy Williams: Jimmy Williams chose the Dodgers over college in 1984. he went on to play two decades, but he never made the majors.
28 - Rich Yett: Rich Yett wanted to prove he could pitch in the majors. He did so for parts of six seasons.

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