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Monday, October 19, 2020

1990 Bakersfield Dodgers player profiles, Los Angeles

1990 Billy Ashley Bakersfield Dodgers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Bakersfield Dodgers, high-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers, as included in that year's team set.

Bakersfield Dodgers (32)

  1. Billy Ashley worked to prove skills over seven ML seasons
  2. Bryan Baar returned from slump to make AAA over four seasons
  3. Tim Barker played decade in minors, got traded for Wallach
  4. Bryan Beals created runs in high school, saw 3 pro seasons
  5. Tom Beyers coached, managed, over three decades in minors
  6. John Braase helped college team, played three pro seasons
  7. Jason Brosnan saw 14 minors seasons, made AAA, missed bigs
  8. Rich Crane took his pitch selectivity from college to the pros, saw three pro seasons, 9/22/20
  9. John Deutsch went from undrafted to fifth-rounder, then got his chance over five seasons; Made AA, 10/10/20
  10. Gary Forrester made early contact, got first pro hit; Saw three seasons, made high-A, 10/4/20
  11. Mike Frame returned from spike in his pitching hand to play as pro; Saw two seasons, 10/17/20
  12. Anthony Garcia served as a trainer in baseball, soccer, boxing and high school, 9/23/20
  13. Tom Goodwin's speed in college made him a first-rounder, big leaguer over 14 seasons, 9/15/20
  14. Goose Gregson has shown tremendous work ethic, energy over nearly five decades in game, 9/22/20
  15. Tony Helmick worked to outsmart hitters; Did so in the pros over three seasons, made high-A, 9/23/20
  16. Matt Howard took his double play skills to bigs in eighth season; Helped Mariano Rivera to first ML save, 9/12/20 
  17. Frank Humber moved from Canada to Florida in HS to catch scouts; Played two pro seasons, made Olympics, 10/2/20
  18. Kiki Jones started with high hopes as first-rounder, then injuries hit; Made AA, 9/24/20
  19. Billy Lott impressed enough in high school for second round; Played nine seasons, made AAA, 10/15/20
  20. Brett Magnusson got invited to try out for Olympics; Played in seven pro seasons, coached, 9/25/20
  21. Jamie McAndrew got picked in first round; Later made bigs, but under less-than-expected circumstances, 9/21/20
  22. Brock McMurray looked forward to moving up despite injuries; Topped out at high-A, 9/25/20
  23. Baltazar Mesa played three pro seasons, started an academy, then went to prison for drug trafficking, 9/18/20
  24. Chris Morrow made it back from a sprained shoulder to play eight pro seasons, 10/14/20
  25. Jose Munoz waited nine full seasons to make the bigs; Made it for 17 games, found it great, 9/19/20
  26. Steve O'Donnell used advice from his manager over four pro seasons; Made high-A, 10/13/20
  27. Barry Parisotto saw five pro seasons, played in Olympics for Canada, later made career in produce, 9/13/20
  28. Mike Potthoff hoped he'd be back from elbow injury at high-A; Returned only briefly, saw three seasons, 9/18/20
  29. Napoleon Robinson saw a pitch get away and impact his first year; Played six seasons, made AAA, 10/17/20
  30. Fausto Tatis ended a 1991 win with a strikeout; Played three pro seasons, made high-A, 10/16/20
  31. Garrett Teel got his shot but majors didn't happen, then turned coach and instructor, 10/5/20

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