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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Phoenix Firebirds player profiles, San Francisco Giants

Mark Bailey 1990 Phoenix Firebirds card

Features on each member of the 1990 Phoenix Firebirds, the AAA affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. Players featured are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interviews (2)
1 - Mark Bailey, Blocked It
Mark Bailey got his call to majors after just weeks at AA. His response: Why?
2 - Kash Beauchamp, Played Hard
Kash Beauchamp played hard, learned the game from his dad.

Phoenix Firebirds (32)
Mark Bailey autographed 1990 Phoenix Firebirds card
1 - Mark Bailey stayed calm over 7 majors seasons, later coached
10 - Craig Colbert saw 2 majors seasons
11 -Duane Espy, Eyes Open
Duane Espy's been in baseball for 40 years. He sees every day as chance to experience something.
12 - Eric Gunderson, Soon Lost
Eric Gunderson pitched well his first start, not so well second or third. He pitched 10 years in the majors.
13 - Larry Hardy, Straight-Shooting
Larry Hardy was a no-nonsense, straight-shooting pitching coach, according to David Wells.
14 - Gil Heredia, What Counts
Gil Heredia had success in 10 major league seasons. He played in 14 as a pro.
15 - George Hinshaw, Believing In
George Hinshaw's major league career consisted of 13 games over two seasons. He played a decade, including in Japan.
16 - Tim Ireland, Pretty Legit
Tim Ireland believed his shortstop Ian Kinsler seemed legit. Ireland got his eye from four decades in game.
17 - Erik Johnson, Greatest Influence
When Erik Johnson was done playing, he knew his greatest influence would be as instructing youth.
18 - Mike Kingery, Bounced Around
Mike Kingery signed as a free agent, went on to play in the majors for a decade with the Mariners, Giants and others.
19 - Bob Knepper, Should Pitch 
Bob Knepper pitched in 15 major league seasons. It was something some felt he should have stuck to.
20 - Mike Laga, First One
Mike Laga picked up first major league home run the day after he got his first major league hit.
21 - Mark Leonard, Good Feeling
Mark Leonard tried for regular playing time with the Orioles in 1993. he didn't get it. He played in six major league seasons.
22 - Greg Litton, Best Asset
Hitting wasn't Greg Litton's game. Defense was his game.
23 - Kirt Manwaring, Next Chance
Kirt Manwaring didn't get down on himself in 1993. He played in 13 major league seasons.
24 - Randy McCament, All the Confidence
Randy McCament moved to relief and began his steady climb to the majors and the Giants.
25 - Paul McClellan, Streak Extended
Paul McClellan took the Giants win streak up to 11 in 1991. He played in two major league seasons.
26 - Timber Mead, Big League Name
Timber Mead played seven seasons as a pro. He never made the bigs.
27 - Rick Parker, Total Time
Rick Parker tried to collect as much major league time as he could. He got into six seasons.
28 - Tony Perezchica, Good Range
Tony Perezchica had good range and agility. He made the bigs in four seasons.
29 - Gregg Ritchie, Prime Position
Gregg Ritchie hoped for weirder things that would get him to the bigs.
30 - Russ Swan, Threw Strikes
Russ Swan almost threw a no-hitter - in his first major league start. He pitched in six major league seasons.
31 - Ed Vosberg, No Shock
Ed Vosberg played his first pro game in 1983. He played his last in 2007. 
32 - Trevor Wilson, Throwing Motion
Trevor Wilson resisted changes then relented. He also threw a gem for the Giants. 

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