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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

1990 Reading Phillies player profiles, AA Philadelphia

Sal Agostinelli 1990 Reading Phillies card

Features on each member of the 1990 Reading Phillies, AA affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. Players featured are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interview (1)  
1 - Sal Agostinelli, Got Close  
Sal Agostinelli did everything he could to make bigs. He's now looking for others that could make it. 

Reading Phillies (29)
Sal Agostinelli 1990 Reading Phillies card
1 - Sal Agostinelli played 10 seasons, then scouted, instructed
2 - Gary Alexander turned high school coach after 7 pro seasons
3 - Andy Ashby's big league career spanned 14 seasons, 98 wins
4 - Ramon Aviles made majors as player, turned minors manager
5 - Bob Ayrault made bigs over 2 seasons with Phillies, Mariners
6 - Kim Batiste brought big bat to 1993 NLCS, saw 5 ML seasons
7 - Frank Bellino liked to play every day, saw 8 pro seasons
8 - Eric Boudreaux played 6 pro seasons, made AAA with Phillie
9 - Cliff Brantley showed nerves in ML debut, saw 2 bigs seasons
10 - Rich Buonantony's dad pledged retirement if he made majors
11 - Amalio Carreno, Compared To
Amalio Carreno worked on his pitches. He made the majors for three games.
12 - Fred Christopher, Paid Off
Fred Christopher worked on his control. It paid off at short-season, but he never got to the bigs.
13 - George Culver, Best Situation
George Culver coached in the minors. He threw a no-hitter in the majors.
14 - Marty Foley, Other Nights

Marty Foley had a bad night. But he had others to prove himself. He never made the bigs.
Reading Phillies 1990 logo card
15 - Jeff Grotewold, Fun Run
Jeff Grotewold hit four major league home runs total. Three came on consecutive nights.
16 - David Holdridge, Which Way
David Holdridge worked on throwing strikes to make the bigs. He made it in his 11th pro season.
17 - Vince Holyfield, Good Plays
Vince Holyfield played good defense in a 1988 game. He played six seasons, but not in the majors.
18 - Steve Kirkpatrick, Waited For

Steve Kirkpatrick had new-found patience in 1990. He never made the majors.
19 - Doug Lindsey, No Joke

Doug Lindsey didn't believe his call to the Phillies in 1991. He'd already gone home.
20 - Warren Magee, Winter Roster
Warren Magee impressed at AA enough to make the 40-man winter roster. He never made bigs.
21 - Tom Marsh, Goose Bumps
Tom Marsh hit his first major league grand slam, then got goose bumps listening to the replay.
22 - Tim Mauser, Best Outing
Tim Mauser threw a no-hitter in the minors. He made the majors as a reliever.
23 - Don McCormack, Grabbed Him

Don McCormack assessed players in the minors after briefly making the bigs as a player.
24 - John McLarnan, Any Other

John McLarnan got ready quick in a 1988 game at AAA. He played seven seasons as a pro, but not in the majors.
25 - Rod Robertson, New Scenery
Rod Robertson hoped the new scenery would help him to the majors. He played 10 seasons, but he never made it.
26 - Mark Sims, Proven Winner

Mark Sims played eight seasons as a pro, but all in the minors. He's now a high school coach.
27 - Casey Waller, Get Better
Casey Waller kept it positive when he was sent down to AA. He never got sent up to the majors.
28 - Gary Wilson, Abbreviated Climb
Gary Wilson made AAA in four seasons. He didn't make it higher.
29 - Floyd Youmans, Happened To
Floyd Youmans had a big year in 1986, but he was slowed by off-field issues. Reading Phillies 1990 checklist card

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