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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1990 Hagerstown Suns player profiles, AA Baltimore Orioles affiliate

Pat Austin 1990 Hagerstown Suns card

Features on each member of the 1990 Hagerstown Suns, AA affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. Players are as included in that year's team set.

Interviews (2)
1 - Pat Austin, Learned Much
Pat Austin was quick coming out of college. As a pro, he learned stealing bases wasn't just speed.
2 - Steve Culkar, Focused On
Steve Culkar didn't watch the scouts, but a college scout was watching him.

The 1990 Hagerstown Suns (36)
Pat Austin 1990 Hagerstown Suns card1 - Pat Austin worked to improve defense; Saw six pro seasons
2 - Dave Bettendorf won college award, saw four seasons, made AA
3 - Mike Borgatti took it one pitch at time over 5 pro seasons
4 - Tom Brown recruited Ben McDonald, later coached in minors
5 - Don Buford stole bases over 4 seasons, then became surgeon
6 - Stacey Burdick got outs enough to turn pro, saw six seasons
7 - Mike Cavers saw four pro seasons, made AA with Orioles
8 - Steve Culkar got degree, played 5 pro seasons, made AAA
9 - Francisco de la Rosa, Not As Intended
Francisco de la Rosa got just two major league outings, giving up two earned in four innings. He passed away in 2011.
1990 Hagerstown Suns checklist card10 - Joe Durham, Does Good
Joe Durham played in Negro Leagues, and later in the majors. He also became a coach in the minors.
11 - Mike Eberle, That Stroke
Mike Eberle hit well in summer collegiate ball. He played five seasons as a pro, never made the majors.
12 - Craig Faulkner, Ran Out
Craig Faulkner never made the bigs, but he later returned home to coach Venice High School in Florida. He won second-straight title in 2013.
13 - Walt Harris, Extraordinary Catch
Walt Harris played pro baseball and in the NFL. He never made the majors.
14 - Paris Hayden, Baseball Gods
Baseball gods smiled on Paris Haden enough for five-season pro career. He never made the bigs. He later coached in American Legion ball.
15 - Victor Hithe, High Hopes
Vic Hithe believed in high school he'd be playing at Dodger Stadium. He played as pro for seven years, never making the majors.
16 - Bobby Latmore, Sports Career
Bobby Latmore continues long career in sports in 2013 with a sports promotion company. He played six seasons as pro, never making the bigs.
17 - Mike Linskey, Really Exciting
Mike Linskey was excited about being added to the Orioles 40-man roster. He never made an active major league roster.
18 - Rodney Lofton, Bunt the Ball
Rodney Lofton had the ability to run the bases and play defense. He never got to use either ability in the majors.
19 - Rick Lundblade, Rare Opportunity
Rick Lundblade quit baseball after first season. He then returned to the game, making AAA, but not the majors.
20 - Ben McDonald, High Expectations
Ben McDonald had high expectations put on him that he could never fulfill. He still played in nine major league seasons.
21 - Joel McKeon, Working Forkball
When Joel McKeon's forkball worked, he showed exactly what he could do. He played in two major league seasons with the White Sox.
22 - Scott Meadows, Got Comfortable: Scott Meadows proved he could play at AAA, but he never got the chance to prove he could play in the majors.
23 - Luis Mercedes Tough Situation
Luis Mercedes came back from spring cut to make the bigs in two more seasons. He made the Orioles over 3 years in all.
24 - Jose Mesa, His Job
Jose Mesa knew as a closer he had to give it everything he had. In the 1997 World Series, he couldn't get it done.
25 - Dave Miller, Sinker Guy
Dave Miller was a sinker/slider guy. He played seven seasons, never made bigs. He later became bullpen coach for the Indians.
26 - Chris Myers, Same Thing
Chris Myers didn't want his age to hold him back. He played seven seasons, never made bigs.
27 - Jerry Narron, Stayed Connected
Jerry Narron loved baseball and has been a part of it in the majors as both player and manager.
28 - Ty Nichols, Added Up
As a scout, Ty Nichols tried to give all kids a chance. He played six seasons as pro, never making the bigs.
29 - Oswaldo Peraza, First Win
Oswaldo Peraza got his first major league win in an Orioles season full of losses.
30 - Doug Robbins, Great Thrill
Doug Robbins thought trying out for the Olympics was a thrill. He then made team and won gold. He never made the bigs.
31 - Mike Sander, Toughest Part
Mike Sander won wherever he went. It was enough to turn pro. But he had troubles continuing that, never making the bigs.
32 - Dan Simonds, Right Place
Dan Simonds played five seasons as a pro, then went on to coach in college. He is head coach for 2013 with Miami of Ohio.
33 - Sunny, Bedecked In
Sunny, the Hagerstown Suns' mascot, made the switch to Blue Jays blue, after Orioles orange. 
34 - Anthony Telford, All About
Anthony Telford gained praise from his Hall of Fame manager
35 - Paul Thorpe, High Pressure
Paul Thorpe was the go-to guy at single-A Daytona in 1985. He played seven seasons as pro, never made the majors.
36 - Jack Voigt, Every Opportunity
Jack Voigt showed he could play at the major league level. He played at that level in seven seasons.

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