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Sunday, June 25, 2023

1990 Durham Bulls player profiles, high-A Atlanta Braves

Marcos Vasquez 1990 Durham Bulls card, Vasquez posed up close

Features on each member of the 1990 Durham Bulls, high-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves as included in that year's team set. 

Durham Bulls (33)

  1. Dave Brust saw 3 pro seasons from tryout camp, later coached
  2. Donovan Campbell knew value of work, saw four pro seasons
  3. Kevin Castleberry played as pro for a decade, made AAA, played in Taiwan, 6/12/23
  4. Brian Champion used his own ability to play six pro seasons, made AA, 4/10/23
  5. Popeye Cole used his speed over 10-season pro career; Made AA, saw five independent campaigns, 5/21/23
  6. Johnny Cuevas looked fastball, hit AA home run; Saw 10 pro seasons, made AAA, 4/28/23
  7. Brian Cummings pitched well in early 1990 game at Durham; Saw four seasons, made high-A, 5/8/23
  8. Steve Curry threw everything he had into decade-long playing career, shorter coaching career, 4/8/23
  9. Chris Czarnik got credit for no-hitter at high-A; Saw three pro seasons, made AAA, 4/18/23
  10. Brian Deak worked to beat other catchers to Atlanta; Played decade in minors, missed bigs, 6/6/23
  11. Todd Dewey looked at new organization as new shot at bigs; Saw six seasons, made AAA, 4/22/23
  12. Ino Guerrero drew easy comparisons to movie character, later threw in ML home run derby, 4/2/23
  13. Kevin Harmon spent more than three decades as a trainer in minors - then in the majors, 4/1/23
  14. Ken Harring played two seasons, then went into sales; Returned to game for long career as college coach, 6/10/23
  15. Larry Jaster made bigs, coached, had success against Dodgers
  16. Dave Karasinski had good poise in high school; Saw five pro seasons, made high-A, 6/3/23
  17. Grady Little's managerial decisions led him to the majors; One later led him to be blamed for playoff failure, 6/24/23
  18. Rich Longuil worked to stay in front of hitters over five pro seasons; Made high-A, 5/29/23
  19. Phil Maldonado looked fastball at Durham; Saw five seasons, twice briefly made AAA, 5/11/23
  20. Eddie Mathews played basketball in college, not baseball; But he threw hard, like 90 mph hard, 4/9/23
  21. Nate Minchey saw time in four ML seasons, then seven successful campaigns in Japan, 5/7/23
  22. Keith Mitchell made 4 bigs seasons, later saw Korea, coached
  23. Mike Mordecai did his job when called upon; Saw bigs over 12 seasons, Bartman game, 5/10/23
  24. David Nied hoped for quality starts with Rockies, did briefly, then injuries came; Saw bigs over five seasons, 6/17/23
  25. Rodney Richey proved a bulldog on the mound, made high-A; Later turned fighter, in court, 6/19/23
  26. Josman Robles got thrown at in 1990 game, then hit home run; Saw three seasons, made high-A, 4/24/23
  27. Chad Smith turned pro after high school no-hitter; Saw five seasons, made high-A, 5/21/23
  28. Ryan Thompson loved baseball, got to serve as Durham Bulls bat boy, 3/31/23
  29. Pat Tilmon continued playing for his love of game; Saw 11 seasons, briefly made AAA, coached, 4/23/23
  30. Theron Todd worked to improve hitting over seven pro seasons; Made AA, later coached, 4/21/23
  31. Marcos Vasquez did his job over 11 pro seasons; Saw AAA, Taiwan, but missed bigs, 3/29/23
  32. Skipper Wright saw his biggest attribute as consistency; Played over four seasons, made high-A, 4/26/23

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