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Thursday, September 23, 2021

1990 Lakeland Tigers player profiles, Detroit affiliate

Lino Rivera 1990 Lakeland Tigers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Lakeland Tigers, high-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, as included in that year's team set. 


    1. Hector Berrios, Tried It, 2/13/17

    Lakeland Tigers (28)

    1. Eric Albright worked to play every day over four pro seasons, 8/19/21
    2. Doyle Balthazar played 9 seasons as catcher, helped pitchers, 8/24/21
    3. Hector Berrios took advice as player, gave it later as coach, 6/25/16
    4. Doug Carpenter worked hard, hoped to be noticed, made AA; Later worked noticing others as coach, scout, 9/13/21
    5. Mark Cole caught a new pro chance at Reno; Played six seasons, made AA, 9/1/21
    6. Ron Cook played five pro seasons, made AA; Did something he'd always hoped to do, 9/18/21
    7. Ivan Cruz knew he had to be realistic; Eventually saw four ML seasons, Japan, 9/16/21
    8. John Doherty just wanted to play baseball; Played it in the bigs over five seasons, 9/4/21
    9. John DeSilva showed he could pitch in the bigs; Did so over two seasons, six games, 9/21/21
    10. Mark Ettles proved aggressive enough to make bigs; Made it out of native Australia, 9/3/21
    11. Ed Ferm tested his arm at Lakeland; Played four pro seasons, made high-A, 9/7/21
    12. Greg Gohr got his chance at the bigs, saw majors over four seasons, 9/14/21
    13. Jeff Goodale worked hard, got drafted out of high school; Waited for college, saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 8/27/21
    14. Darren Hursey pitched into tired arm, worked on rhythm; Saw six pro seasons, made AA, 8/22/21
    15. Jody Hurst first passed on pros, then slept on it, signed; Saw five seasons, made AAA, 8/20/21
    16. Keith Kimberlin played five seasons, made AAA; Believed injury helped restore game's fun, 9/5/21
    17. Kurt Knudsen expressed confidence in high school, went on to see bigs over three seasons, 8/21/21
    18. Todd Krumm played both football and baseball in college; He made the NFL, but missed the majors, 9/6/21
    19. Johnny Lipon felt good and enjoyed the game over five decades as player, then manager, 8/29/21
    20. Ron Marigny did his job as a player over six seasons, made AA; Has done it since as a scout, 8/14/21
    21. Darryl Martin turned pro out of high school, called himself really happy; Saw six pro seasons, made high-A, 8/16/21
    22. Dan Raley relaxed in college, played as pro over three seasons; Later turned coach, 8/30/21
    23. Bob Reimink credited a local baseball man with his pro career; Saw five seasons, made AAA, 9/19/21
    24. Lino Rivera has been a person in baseball for more than three decades; First as player, then as manager, 9/11/21
    25. Terry Smith served as a AA All-Star trainer, as trainer in Tigers and Red Sox systems, 8/25/21
    26. Tookie Spann used his baseball skills to see six pro seasons, made AA, 9/10/21
    27. Mickey Tresh followed family into pros, but couldn't follow to bigs; Wasn't disappointed, 8/15/21
    28. Marty Willis set his sights on pro baseball; Got there, saw five seasons, made AA, 8/21/21

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