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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1990 Huntington Cubs, Chicago Cubs: Baseball Profiles

Mike Gabbani 1990 Huntington Cubs card

Features on each member of the 1990 Huntington Cubs, as included in that year's team set, plus two interviews.

Interviews (2)
1 - Ken Krahenbuhl: Ken Krahenbuhl was made famous by catfish trade, then perfect game. It was a wonder he still pitched after injuries. (Continue)
2 - Jason Sehorn: Before he played 10 seasons in the NFL, Jason Sehorn played a season in minor league baseball. (Continue)

1990 Huntington Cubs (31)
Huntington Cubs 1990 checklist card 1 - Miguel Camarena played baseball from age 5 to pros
2 - Sean Cheetham had streak at Huntington, saw 3 seasons
3 - Morris Craig: Morris Craig had specific goals going into rookie ball. He never his made biggest goal, making the majors. (Continue)
4 - Pablo Delgado: Pablo Delgado came to the Cubs from the Rangers in the Palmeiro-Moyer deal. He never made it to AA. (Continue)
5 - Rolando Fernandez: Rolando Fernandez doesn't scout just for the money. He does it because he loves baseball. (Continue)
6 - Calvin Ford: Calvin Ford ended a 1990 rookie league game with his arm. His career ended the next year, after just two seasons. (Continue)
7 - Mike Gabbani played hard over four pro seasons, made high-A
8 - Scott Gardner: Scott Gardner played in seven pro seasons, had a hand in a minors no-hitter, never made the bigs (Continue)
9 - Willie Gardner: Willie Gardner wanted his team to win and to improve his skills. He played six seasons as a pro, but never made bigs. (Continue)
10 - Tyson Godfrey: Tyson Godfrey thought he could handle the pros. He did so for four seasons, but he never made AA. (Continue)
11 - Ryan Hawblitzel: Ryan Hawblitzel did what it took to make the majors. He made it in his seventh pro season with the Rockies. (Continue)
12 - Chuck Kirk: Chuck Kirk was Mr. Reliable for a time in high-A Daytona's bullpen. He played four seasons, never made AA. (Continue)
13 - Ken Krahenbuhl: Ken Krahenbuhl was a serious pitcher. He ended up being seen as the guy traded for catfish. (Continue)
14 - Ed Larregui: Ed Larregui ran hard and hustled. He played as a pro for eight seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
15 - Mike Little hit in minors with Cubs
16 - Thomas Mann: Thomas Mann wanted to finish college and make the majors. He never made the majors. (Continue)
17 - Tim Moore: Tim Moore wasn't ready for college, so he wanted to give the pros a shot. He played three seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
18 - Cesar Montero: Cesar Montero's most admired player would see more major league seasons, 16, than Montero would see games as a pro, 14. (Continue)
19 - Micah Murphy: Micah Murphy helped Huntington in 1990 comeback, couldn't help himself to long career as a pro.  (Continue)
20 - J.P. Postiff: J.P. Postiff had plans to make the majors and finish his degree. In four seasons, he never made the majors. (Continue)
21 - Nelson Ramirez: Nelson Ramirez was thankful for chance at pros. His chance was brief, just three appearances. (Continue)
22 - Steve Roadcap: Steve Roadcap took skills he learned as a minors player to a long career as a minors manager. (Continue)
23 - Humberto Saa learned the game in Panama; Played two seasons
24 - Adrian Sanchez: Adrian Sanchez was determined to turn pro. He played as pro in four seasons, never made bigs. (Continue)
25 - Jason Sehorn: Before he played 10 seasons in the NFL, Jason Sehorn played a season in minor league baseball. (Continue)
26 - Rafael Soto: Rafael Soto wanted to someday play at Wrigley Field. He never made it. In four seasons, he never made AA. (Continue)
27 - Dave Stevens: Dave Stevens hoped to be put in the bullpen. He ended up there in seven major league seasons. (Continue)
28 - Aaron Taylor: Aaron Taylor finished strong for rookie Huntington in 1990. He played seven seasons, never made bigs. (Continue)
29 - Jose Viera: Jose Viera came off the bench, then hit a walk-off home run at AA. He played 10 seasons, never made the majors. (Continue)
30 - Matt Walbeck: Matt Walbeck showed he could play, did so in the majors in 11 seasons. Later became manager, instructor. (Continue)
31 - Jim Wolff: Jim Wolff worked to improve his hitting, but couldn't. He played five seasons as a pro, never made AA. (Continue)

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