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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Columbus Clippers, Yankees: Baseball Profiles

Jason Maas 1990 Columbus Clippers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Columbus Clippers, AAA affiliate of the New York Yankees. Players are as included in that year's team set.

1990 Columbus Clippers (33)
Jim Walewander 1990 Columbus Clippers card1 - Steve Adkins' major league career spanned five games
2 - Oscar Azocar saw 3 majors seasons, free-swinger reputation
 - Clete Boyer played in bigs, coached, had baseball perception
4 - Darrin Chapin made bigs for 4 outings
5 - Jeff Datz, Headed for Third
Jeff Datz made the majors as a coach with the Indians and the Mariners. He barely made it there as a player with the Tigers.
6 - Bobby Davidson, Rain-Shortened
The game that night in 1989 was shortened by rain. Bobby Davidson's career was also shortened by rain.
7 - Brian Dorsett, Hung Around
Brian Dorsett believed he'd get a regular spot in the majors. In 1994, he got it.
8 - Dave Eiland, Part of the Game
Dave Eiland lost out on his first major league win, but shrugged it off. He went on to coach the same team, the Yankees.
9 - John Fishel, Anything Asked
John Fishel did what was asked of him, and played in 19 major league games. He later did so, with unintended results.
10 - John Habyan, Valuable Role
John Habyan proved valuable for the Yankees in 1992. He played in 11 major league seasons.
11 - Mike Heifferon, Hometown Trainer
Mike Heifferon made the 1986 Eastern League All-Star game as a trainer.
12 - Trey Hillman, Adapt and Adjust
Trey Hillman couldn't do with the Royals what he did managing in Japan.
1990 Columbus Clippers checklist card
13 - Jimmy Jones, Halfway Decent
Jimmy Jones threw a complete-game shutout in his major league debut. His family was there.
14 - Mark Leiter, Got There
Mark Leiter came back from 3 lost seasons to injury and played in majors for decade.
15 - Jim Leyritz, Second Chances
Jim Leyritz got second chance in 1996 to hit crucial home run. He got a different kind of second chance in 2011.
16 - Jason Maas, Tight Situations
Jason Maas helped Yankees teams in the minors, couldn't in majors, even with his brother there.
17 - Kevin Maas, High Expectations
Kevin Maas prompted early comparisons to Yankee greats. He never really lived up, played just 5 seasons.
18 - Carl "Stump" Merrill, Help for Hitters
Stump Merrill made AAA as a player, later made the majors as a manager with the Yankees.
19 - Kevin Mmahat, Much Fun
Kevin Mmahat's first major league start wasn't much fun. He only got four total appearances.
20 - Rich Monteleone, Building Confidence
Rich Monteleone built confidence with the Yankees early in 1992. He played in 10 major league seasons.
21 - Hensley Meulens, Physical Ability
Hensley Meulens tried to let his physical ability take over. Now he's trying to get others to do same as a Giants coach.
22 - Clay Parker impressed the Yankees on strong scouting reports; Saw four ML campaigns
23 - Hipolito Pena, All the Same
Hipolito Pena wasn't nervous for his first major league appearance. He appeared in three major league seasons.
24 - Carlos Rodriguez made 3 ML seasons
25 - Ken Rowe, Lot of Knowledge
The Orioles traded for Ken Rowe, later made him their pitching coach. He passed away in 2012.
26 - Dave Sax, Open Some Eyes
Dave Sax looked for chance to impress someone in 1987, didn't get many more.
27 - Rob Sepanek, Played For
Rob Sepanek thought the Braves didn't give him enough time. He later made AAA with the Yankees, but never made the bigs.
28 - Willie Smith made majors over 8 games
29 - Van Snider, Full Outfield
Van Snider made it back to the majors in 1989, but for just eight games, the last of his brief major league career.
30 - Andy Stankiewicz, Helped Them
Andy Stankiewicz hoped he wasn't an insurance policy in 1993. He played in seven major league seasons.
31 - Ricky Torres pitched over 8 seasons
32 - Jim Walewander, Free Spirit
Jim Walewander was memorable, but he wasn't sure the reason why was best for his career.
33 - Mark Wasinger, Extra Base
Mark Wasinger's first major league hit was a home run. The same day, he got three more hits, all extra base hits.

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