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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Richmond Braves player profiles, AAA Atlanta Braves

John Alva 1990 Richmond Braves card

Features on each member of the 1990 Richmond Braves, AAA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Players are as included in that year's team set.
Interviews (3)
1 - Kash Beauchamp, Pretty Simple
Kash Beauchamp talks about his dad, 1990 Richmond Brave manager Jim Beauchamp.
2 - Bruce Crabbe, Next Level
Bruce Crabbe's father helped teach him the game that became his career.
3 - John Mizerock, Cut Out
John Mizerock made the majors because he could catch the knuckleball.

1990 Richmond Braves (30)
Bruce Crabbe 1990 autographed Richmond Braves card1 - John Alva played seven pro seasons, made AAA in two
2 - Steve Avery saw 11 majors seasons, 5 postseasons with Braves
3 - Sam Ayoub, Richmond's longtime trainer, called nicest person
4 - Jim Beauchamp knew hard work made bigs, as player, and coach
5 - Rick Berg sat college records, briefly played pro, coached
6 - Geronimo Berroa got two-game ML record, saw 11 bigs seasons
Richmond Braves 1990 checklist card
7 - Francisco Cabrera became Braves playoff hero, saw 5 seasons
8 - Bruce Crabbe, Not Kidding
Bruce Crabbe didn't play in the majors. He now works at getting others there as a minor league manager.
9 - Drew Denson, Extra Homers
Drew Denson battled to make the majors, then made it in two seasons. He's since lost his battle with a rare blood disease.
10 - Ken Dowell, Weak Bat
Ken Dowell wasn't a home-run hitter, but he was a major leaguer. He eventually got 15 games in the bigs with the Phillies.
11 - Tommy Greene, Country Hardball
Tommy Greene got in a groove around the third. He went on to throw a no-hitter.
12 - Johnny Grubb, Done Everything
Johnny Grubb did the job asked of him for 16 years as a player, also as coach.
13 - Dennis Hood, Just Unreal
Dennis Hood got a look at 1987 major league camp. It was his only taste of the major leagues.
Richmond Braves 1990 anniversary card
14 - Brian R. Hunter, Hit it Hard
Brian Hunter helped the Braves extend their lead in Game 7 of the NLCS. He hit the home run as hard as he could.
15 - Sonny Jackson, Young Players
Sonny Jackson developed into a major leaguer at a young age. He has since tried to develop others.
16 - Barry Jones, Long Shot
Barry Jones busted his butt in practice, even when he wasn't playing every day. It got him to AAA, but not the majors.
17 - Dave Justice, Six Series
David Justice made the World Series in his second season. He then made it back five more times.
18 - Jimmy Kremers, Late Switch
Jimmy Kremers switched late from outfield to catching. He caught in the majors for 29 games with the Braves.
19 - Bill Laskey, Settled Down
Bill Laskey was nervous in his first major league start. He then settled down - for a complete-game, three-hitter.
20 - Rich Luecken, His Role
Bobby Cox thought Rick Luecken could help the Braves in 1990. Later, Cox explained Luecken's role.
21 - Paul Marak, Pumped Up
Paul Marak didn't throw a 90 mph fastball. But he still made the majors, for seven starts with the Braves.
22 - Leo Mazzone, Famed Rock
Leo Mazzone became a legendary pitching coach with the Braves. He was once minors pitcher, coach, manager.
23 - Kent Mercker, New Lease
Kent Mercker had a headache on the mound in 2000. It ended up being a life-threatening brain hemorrhage.
24 - John Mizerock helped Astros to 1985 win
25 - Andy Nezelek, Fall Back
Andy Nezelek finished his degree, but he never made it to the majors.
26 - Ed Olwine, New Pitcher
Ed Olwine made the majors for parts of three seasons with the Braves. He played as a pro in 11 seasons.
27 - Dale Polley, Got There
Dale Polley made the majors for the first time in 1996 with the Yankees and he didn't regret how he made it.
28 - Rusty Richards, Homemade Pitcher
Dave Richards tried being more aggressive, then extended his career in independent ball.
29 - Bryan Snyder, Going to Work
Brian Snyder spent 12 years playing pro ball. He made the majors with the Mariners and Athletics. His son also played.
30 - Ed Whited, Good Athlete
Ed Whited was a good athlete who was strong, his college coach said. He made the bigs for 36 games.

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