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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Tacoma Tigers, AAA Athletics: Baseball Profiles

Troy Afenir 1990 Tacoma Tigers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Tacoma Tigers, AAA affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. Players are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interviews (3)
1 - Tony Ariola, Overcame Barriers
Tony Ariola nearly his lost chance at the pros after an injury. He came back, but fell short of the majors.
2 - Eric Fox, Sixth Tool
Eric Fox got called up to the Athletics, but saved the celebrations until his place with the team was certain. 
3 - Bruce Walton, That Walk
Bruce Walton called that walk to the mound at Yankee Stadium unbelievable. It was his major league debut.

Tacoma Tigers (30)
Tony Ariola autographed 1990 Tacoma Tigers card
1 - Troy Afenir did well enough to make bigs over four seasons
2 - Tony Ariola played in Alaska, four pro seasons, made AAA
3 - Larry Arndt made majors in 1989 with Athletics, saw 2 games
4 - Joe Bitker vowed he'd make the bigs, made it over 2 seasons
5 - Mike Bordick impressed with work habits, saw 14 bigs seasons
6 - Tim Casey did his best over 8 pro seasons, made AAA
Tacoma Tigers 1990 checklist card
7 - Scott Chiamparino had major league stuff over 3 seasons
8 - Patrick Dietrick, Tie-Breaker
Patrick Dietrick broke a tie with home run in a 1988 AA game, he couldn't break himself into the majors.
9 - Chuck Estrada, In Condition
Chuck Estrada played and coached in the majors. He kept pitchers in shape.
10 - Bruce Fields, Impression Left
Bruce Fields tried to leave an impression in 1986, played in three major league seasons.
11 - Brad Fischer, An Idea
Brad Fisher had a short career as a player and he's had a long one as a coach.
12 - Eric Fox, Smoked It
Eric Fox smoked a grand slam opening day 1993. He played in four major league seasons.
13 - Scott Hemond, Catching Job
Scott Hemond went from Athletics backup catcher to starter after an injury. He played in seven major league seasons.
14 - Walt Horn served as trainer 4 decades
15 - Steve Howard, Looked Good
Steve Howard tried to go out and have fun. He ultimately went out and made the majors for 21 games.
16 - Dann Howitt, No More
Dann Howitt felt like he had to keep up, he then tried steroids, he told his hometown paper in 2010.
17 - Doug Jennings, More At-Bats
Doug Jennings was outstanding in his first start for the Athletics. He went 4 for 4 with a home run.
18 - Reese Lambert had good enough stuff to make AAA, missed bigs
19 - Joe Law, Good Enough
Joe Law got called up to the Athletics to relieve a tired bullpen in 1988. He never got into the game, and never got back. 
20 - Russ McGinnis, Up to Him
Russ McGinnis could provide right-handed hitting pop. He did so in the majors for just 17 games.
21 - Stan Naccarato became a Tacoma icon
22 - Dave Otto, Never Doubted
Dave Otto came back from a DL stint to show what he could do. That was throw six scoreless innings.
23 - Al Pedrique, Promised Himself
Al Pedrique made the bigs after nine seasons in the minors. He then worked to get back.
24 - Dick Scott, Most Enjoyable
Dick Scott has tried to get players where he got, the bigs. For longer than he got there.
25 - Dave Veres, Comeback Bid
Dave Veres tried to comeback from hip surgery in 2007, for an 11th season in bigs.
26 - Bruce Walton, Could Pitch
Bruce Walton's fastball wasn't that fast. But it was fast enough to make the majors.
27 - Kevin Ward, Kept Going
Kevin Ward applied himself, then he finally made the majors with the Padres in his ninth pro season.
28 - Weston Weber, One Pitch
Weston Weber thought he might make the majors in his 11th pro season. Then his career ended on one pich.
29 - Ed Wojna, Eye-Opening
Ed Wojna tried to open the eyes of the Padres in 1986. He played in a total of four major league seasons.
30 - Ray Young, Nasty-Looking Stuff
Ray Young had nasty-looking stuff. The issue, though, was control. He never made the majors.

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