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Monday, December 13, 2021

1990 St. Lucie Mets player profiles, high-A New York Mets

Joe Dellicarri 1990 St. Lucie Mets card

Features on each member of the 1990 St. Lucie Mets, high-A affiliate of the New York Mets, as included in that year's team set. 

St. Lucie Mets (32)

  1. Tim Blackwell relayed majors experiences as minors manager
  2. Mike Brady got traded, had early success, saw 4 pro seasons
  3. Don Brown showed maturity, speed, leadership, saw 6 seasons
  4. Kevin Brown showed poise, filled majors need over 3 seasons
  5. Chris Butterfield believed he'd make bigs, missed in 9 years
  6. Archie Corbin had much fun in the majors over three seasons that spanned nine campaigns, 11/27/21
  7. Joe Dellicarri played at Binghamton both home and away; Saw seven pro seasons, made AAA, 11/3/21
  8. D.J. Dozier played football in college and in NFL, but he missed baseball; Later made bigs, too, 12/5/21
  9. Dan Furmanik turned pro as he remembered lost teammates; Played over four seasons, made high-A, 11/3/21
  10. Marc Goldberg won sportscasting awards over two decades in the business, got baseball card, 11/23/21
  11. Kenny Graves had high hopes as pro, but teenage arm problems returned; Saw two seasons, made AAA, 11/5/21
  12. Denny Harriger hoped to make the bigs someday and he did - 11 years later, 11/25/21
  13. Chris Hill liked starting games, gave chance to be hero; Saw nine seasons, made AAA, 11/18/21
  14. Joel Horlen had successful majors pitching career, later returned to teach as minors coach, 11/9/21
  15. Steve Jacobucci briefly served as trainer in three minors systems, then turned to college, 11/2/21
  16. Paul Johnson turned pitcher, then saw three pro seasons; Made high-A, 11/6/21
  17. John Johnstone took his ability to adapt to time in eight major league seasons, 11/16/21
  18. Jimy Kelly played six pro seasons - most before age 20; Missed bigs, got age rule named for him, 12/4/21
  19. Juan Marina showed promise in rookie ball, played five pro seasons; Made single-A, 12/9/21
  20. Lee May Jr. worked to make hitters better after own eight-season pro career; Made AAA, 11/13/21
  21. Loy McBride saw the ball well at high-A; Played four pro seasons, made AA, 12/10/21
  22. Jim Morrisette returned from injury to new position; Played over six seasons, made AA, 11/10/21
  23. Steve Newton had success as starter, saw six pro seasons, 11/7/21
  24. Bob Olah made mistakes, but learned from them; Saw five pro seasons, made high-A, 11/19/21
  25. Vladimir Perez followed his brothers to the pros; Played more than a decade, missed bigs, 12/7/21
  26. Andy Reich showed command of emotions; Had success enough to see six seasons, made AA, 12/12/21
  27. Nikco Riesgo played seven pro seasons and in spring 1995; Later wrote book on experiences, 12/1/21
  28. Bryan Rogers went out and did his job over decade as pro; Made AAA, missed bigs, 12/11/21
  29. Doug Saunders had a great time in the bigs; Saw 28 games there over single season, 11/4/21
  30. Pete Schourek learned enough to see the majors over 11 seasons, take second in 1995 NL Cy Young, 11/15/21
  31. Derrick Young did his job, played consistent baseball; Saw five seasons, made high-A, 11/21/21
  32. Alan Zinter became first-rounder and made the majors - in his 14th season; Has since returned as coach, 11/20/21

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