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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Vancouver Canadians, White Sox: Baseball Profiles

Roger LaFrancois 1990 Vancouver Canadians card

Features on each member of the 1990 Vancouver Canadians, AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. Players are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interviews (2)
1 - Roger LaFrancois, Doors Opened
Roger LaFracois didn't say anything about his limited playing time. He was just happy to be there.
2 - Tracy Woodson, Hardest Part
Tracy Woodson made the majors. He then hit a home run off Nolan Ryan.

Vancouver Canadians (28)
Tracey Woodson 1990 Vancouver Canadians card
1 - Wilson Alvarez played 14 seasons in majors, became All Star
2 - Rich Amaral made majors over decade
3 - Mike Campbell hoped for big things with M's, saw six seasons
4 - Pete Dalena, Almost Over
The Indians needed a rally and Pete Dalena tried to start it with a double. It was his only major league hit.
5 - Moe Drabowsky, Psychological Rewards
Moe Drabowsky found great psychological rewards in coaching.
6 - Tom Drees, Better Word
Tom Drees threw three no-hitters - in one season - at AAA in 1989. He didn't get called up until two seasons later.
7 - Marv Foley, Still Communicating
Marv Foley has tried to ensure his players knew what they needed to know when major league time came.
8 - Grady Hall, Head Start
Grady Hall wanted to make the majors as a starter or a reliever. He never made it.
9 - Orsino Hill worked to play every day over 12 years, made AAA
10 - Shawn Hillegas, Personal Goal
Shawn Hillegas was 'nervous as heck' in his major league debut. He almost got a complete game.
11 - Roger LaFrancois made bigs in 1982 after long wait; Saw eight games
12 - Greg Latta was trainer, part of team
13 - Marcus Lawton, Hard Baseball
Marcus Lawton played good, hard baseball. He got 10 games in the majors.
1990 Vancouver Canadians checklist card
14 - Ravelo Manzanillo, Four Pitches
Ravelo Manzanillo spent a year out of the pros before he made the bigs. He then spent six years trying to get back.
15 - Norberto Martin, His Best
Norberto Martin knew after injury he'd just have to work harder. He did, and he returned to the majors.
16 - Marlin McPhail, Utility Man
Marlin McPhail put himself in position to get called up, but it didn't happen. He later became a scout.
17 - John Pawlowski, Keep Working
John Pawlowski was excited at making the White Sox in 1988. He stayed for six games.
18 - Charles Penigar, Early Trade
Charles Penigar was in a trade that included a Hall of Famer and a career-minor leaguer. Penigar was the latter.
19 - Adam Peterson, When He Didn't
Adam Peterson was hard-working, dedicated and aggressive on the mound. He was a major leaguer for parts of five seasons.
20 - Steve Rosenberg, Mixed Emotions
Steve Rosenberg had mixed emotions about making the Padres rotation in 1991.
21 - Ramon Sambo, More Hits
Ramon Sambo got more confident and consistent in 1984 but not enough to make majors.
22 - Jose Segura, Place For Him 
Jose Segura went from reliever to starter to reliever to the majors.
23 - Keith Smith, Fielding Accolades
Keith Smith caught the eye of Steinbrenner in 1984, though the real aim of the positive comments may have been elsewhere.
24 - Todd Trafton, Every Year
Todd Trafton played every year like it was the one to get him to the majors. He never got there.
25 - Don Wakamatsu, Difficult Tasl
Don Wakamatsu worked to catch a knuckleballer in his major league debut. He later became a major league manager.
26 - Jerry Willard, Another Shot
Jerry Willard thought he was done with baseball in 1988. He wasn't.
27 - Dana Williams, Higher Level
Dana Williams helped young players make it to the bigs. He helped himself get there for eight games.
28 - Tracy Woodson, His Chance
Tracy Woodson got his chances in the majors. He later became a college coach. 

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