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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Charles Penigar, Early Trade - 636

It was near the end of one career and near the beginning of another. But, in 1982, Charles Penigar went one way. Hall of Famer Joe Morgan went the other way.

In all, it was a five-player deal, Penigar one of three players sent to the Giants, Morgan one of two sent back to the Phillies.

Of the five total players in the deal, Morgan was obviously the only one to make the Hall. Penigar was the only one never to make the majors.

Penigar's career, though, did last a decade, starting in 1981, taken by the Phillies in the second round of the draft. The Phillies selected Penigar as a 17-year-old high schooler out of Ontario High School in California.

Penigar started his time with the Phillies at rookie Helena. There, the outfielder hit .212 in 46 games. He stole 12 bases.

In 1982, Penigar moved to single-A Spartanburg. In 133 games, he hit .259. He also turned on the speed, swiping 65 bases on the season. In June, Penigar knocked six-straight hits at one point.

It was that December that the Phillies sent Penigar to the Giants. With the Giants, Penigar played at single-A Fresno, stealing 41 bases and hitting .257.

Penigar got his first look at AA in 1984, at Shreveport. In 72 games at Shreveport, Penigar hit .277, stealing 24 bases.

Penigar returned to Shreveport for 1985. Then, in 1986, Penigar moved to the mound, at single-A Clinton. As a pitcher Penigar threw in 21 contests, starting 10 games. He went 4-5, with a 4.48 ERA. By 1987, Penigar was back in the field.

Moving to the Angels system for 1987, Penigar got into 51 games at single-A Palm Springs. He moved on to AA Midland for 1988.

Penigar stayed in AA for 1989, but moved to the White Sox system at Birmingham. He hit .246, but had his highest stolen base total since 1982 at Spartanburg. Penigar stole 64 bases in 1989. In early August, Penigar had three hits in one game, the game where he stole his 42nd base.

In 1990, Penigar got his first and only look at AAA, at Vancouver. In 90 games, he hit .211. He also stole just 13 bases, ending his career short of the majors.
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  1. His 21 games in 1986 were as a pitcher. The Giants tried to convert him, but got a 4.48 ERA and released him.

  2. Thanks, those conversion attempts are easy to overlook. Added.

  3. Penigar was featured in the great book Dollar Signs on the Muscle... "-a California high school outfielder. This black man had an ass...he generated power from both sides of the plate. He just started switch hitting this season. Only 17 years old, 6'4 and 175. And he's got the best OF arm I saw this season" Tony Roig scout Phllies