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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Oklahoma City 89ers player profiles, AAA Texas Rangers

Gerald Alexander 1990 Oklahoma City 89ers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Oklahoma City 89ers, AAA affiliate of the Texas Rangers. Players are as included in that year's team set.

Oklahoma City 89ers (31) 
Jack Hardy 1990 Oklahoma City 89ers card1 - Gerald Alexander threw perfect inning with Rangers
2 - Brad Arnsberg saw bigs over 6 seasons, later turned ML coach
3 - John Barfield relieved, started, in bigs over three seasons
4 - Mike Berger worked trade in pros as player, team official
5 - Nick Capra made it in 1st ML trip, saw 5 seasons, 45 games
6 - Pat Dodson, Impressive Spring
Pat Dodson hit well in the spring of 1987. He made the Red Sox that season and in two others.
1990 Oklahoma City 89ers checklist card
7 - Dick Egan, Evaluation Skills
Dick Egan had an unorthodox method of helping Bobby Witt as a coach for the Rangers. Now a special assistant to the Tigers general manager.
8 - Dave Engle, Best Shot
Dave Engle got lessons from Ted Williams. He then played in nine major league seasons.
9 - Pat Garman, That Night
Pat Garman once hit four home runs in one night. In five seasons, he hit only 16 others. He never made the bigs.
10 - Juan Gonzalez, Contract Hitter
Juan Gonzalez lived up to one big contract. He then famously turned down another.
11 - Gary Green, With It
Gary Green tried to stay positive at AAA. He made the majors in five seasons.
12 - Jack Hardy, His Job
Jack Hardy worked at a supermarket in college. He later worked as baseball player, plus five games with the White Sox.
13 - Ray Hayward, Best Shot
Ray Hayward waited his turn, then got his call up to the Padres. He later became a college coach.
14 - John Hoover, Some Only Dream
John Hoover threw good pitches and bad in his career. One in the 1984 gold medal game was a bad one.
15 - Stan Hough, Career in Baseball
Stan Hough delivered promotion news as minor league manager. He never got the big promotion himself.
16 - Bryan House, Only Problem
Bryan House was a catalyst for his Peoria team. It was enough to make AAA, but not the majors.
17 - Steve Lankard, His Personality
Steve Lankard's knee was in pieces. He came back, but he couldn't get to the majors.
18 - David Lynch, Curve Worked
David Lynch's curve served him well and got him to AAA for seven seasons. It never got him to the majors.
19 - Craig McMurtry, See Why
Craig McMurtry had a great rookie year with the Braves, a bad final year with the Astros.
20 - Gar Millay, Good Ballplayer
Gar Millay was remembered as a strong ballplayer, strong under pressure. He passed away in 2011 from cancer.
21 - David Miller, Complete Game
David Miller made AAA Oklahoma City, but he never made the majors.
22 - Robo Niner, Baseball Head
Robo Niner was Oklahoma City's new mascot in 1990. He also wasn't from Oklahoma.
23 - Dean Palmer, More Relaxed
Dean Palmer got more relaxed, started playing his game. He also started hitting home runs.
24 - Mark Petkovsek, Showing His Age
Mark Petkovsek played in nine major league seasons. He tried a comeback in 2003, but didn't make it.
25 - Ray Ramirez, Mets Trainer
Mets trainer Ray Ramirez spent his early days training in the minors, including  at Oklahoma City.
26 - Kevin Reimer, A Lot of Interest
Kevin Reimer opened up eyes playing at AA Tulsa. He went on to open eyes in six major league seasons.
27 - John Russell, Big Enough Thrill
John Russell caught Nolan Ryan's sixth no-hitter, then went on to manage the Pirates.
28 - Jeff Satzinger, Errant Pitch
Jeff Satzinger helped spark his AA team to a win through errant pitch in 1989. He never could do so in the majors.
29 - Steve Smith, Did A Lot
Steve Smith has been a player, a manager and an Amazing Race contestant.
30 - Bernie Tatis, Dominican Prospect
Bernie Tatis first played as a pro at age 19. He rose through the minors to hit AAA, but he never made the majors.
31 - Ron Washington, Playing Options
Ron Washington waited on his coaching career. It eventually took him nearly to the top of the game.

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