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Saturday, June 13, 2020

1990 Great Falls Dodgers player profiles, Los Angeles

Features on each member of the 1990 Great Falls Dodgers, as included in the 1990 team set of the rookie Pioneer League affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Great Falls Dodgers (30)

  1. Dan Andrews remembered his old college as pro, with donation
  2. David Baumann stuck out bad back for win, saw 2 pro seasons
  3. Eric Blackwell saw 3 seasons in Dodgers system, family team
  4. Mike Busch made two hard decisions, both led him to baseball
  5. Guy Conti proved an important figure for Pedro Martinez, others; Later made bigs himself as Mets coach, 6/9/20
  6. James Daspit bubbled with college potential, saw 8 seasons
  7. John DeJarld looked forward to his second pro season, but injury cut short that season and his career, 6/10/20
  8. Keoki Farrish slid hard in a 1990 game at Great Falls; Saw three pro seasons, topped out at high-A, 5/21/20
  9. Mike Frauenhoffer helped his college to three NAIA World Series appearances; Saw single pro season, 5/24/20
  10. Dan Gray could handle himself behind the plate; Made high-A, later became an instructor, 5/18/20
  11. Tim Griffin improved his power in college; Saw three pro seasons, topped out at high-A, 5/20/20
  12. Ken Hamilton showed some bulldog in rookie ball; Played four seasons, made high-A, 6/11/20
  13. Garey Ingram saw the bigs as three times better than the minors; Saw 82 ML games, later coached, 6/12/20
  14. Jason Kerr finished strong in college, saw five seasons in pros; Topped out at high-A, 6/7/20
  15. Ed Lund missed out on AA, but he wanted to keep playing; Saw four seasons, topped out at high-A, 5/15/20
  16. Pedro Martinez showed 'unlimited potential' in rookie ball; He then made Hall of Fame, 5/23/20
  17. Ron Maurer kept swinging to college hit mark; Saw decade in pros, including Taiwan, but not bigs, 6/6/20
  18. Don Meyers moved from infielder to catching; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 5/22/20
  19. Mark Mimbs played in pros with twin brother, saw 10 seasons
  20. Mike Mimbs got cut by the Dodgers out of AA; Later, after independent ball stint, he made the majors, 5/14/20
  21. Raul Mondesi had everything, won NL Rookie of the Year, played 13 ML seasons then went to prison for corruption, 6/5/20
  22. Junior Perez roomed with Pedro Martinez and Raul Mondesi at Great Falls; His pro career, though, amounted to 41 games, 5/17/20
  23. Brian Piotrowicz saw transition to pros as easy after college, high school lessons; Played four pro seasons, 5/30/20
  24. Ira Smith wasn't afraid to fail; Played 14 seasons, got considered for bigs spot, but never made it, 5/15/20
  25. Ed Stryker threw batting practice to major leaguers in college; Pro career topped out at high-A, 6/4/20
  26. Gordie Tipton helped pitch his college team to the World Series title game; Saw three pro seasons, 5/25/20
  27. Joe Vavra put in his time and eventually found a home as an ML coach with the Twins and Tigers, 5/15/20
  28. Ron Walden thought he had the ability as top pick, the Dodgers did, too; Then, quickly, came injury, 6/2/20
  29. Burgess Watts expressed confidence in college; Saw four pro seasons, at third and on mound, made high-A, 5/27/20
  30. Lonnie Webb did his job as leadoff man in 1990; Saw four seasons, hit high-A, 5/26/20

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