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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Greg Latta was trainer, part of team: Baseball Profiles

Greg Latta 1989 Vancouver Canadians card

White Sox AAA trainer Greg Latta explained his role to his hometown Battle Creek Enquirer in July 1986.

He cleaned the training room, then treated players, then watched for injuries during games end treated players afterward, The Enquirer wrote.

"I'm a part of the team," Latta told The Enquirer. "I get teased just like any other player."

Latta eventually spent more than 17 years with the White Sox and then time with the Diamondbacks before appearing to move to school-based work and then retirement.

Latta started as a trainer out of Western Michigan University, where he graduated in 1982 with a degree in physical education.

He then joined the White Sox as trainer at AA Glens Falls. He moved up to AAA Buffalo in 1985.

Latta stayed with the White Sox at AAA Hawaii for 1987, then at AAA Vancouver for 1989 and 1990.

For 1993, he served as trainer at AAA Nashville. After one of his players, Ramon Garcia, faced the procedure, Latta explained Tommy John surgery to The Tennessean.

"Basically, Dr. Andrews will make an incision in Ramon's wrist and remove a tendon," Latta told The Tennessean that July. "Then he will make another incision in his elbow, drill four holes and weave the tendon in Figure 8 fashion around Ramon's torn ulner colaterial ligament."

Latta appears to have continued with the White Sox through 2000, when he joined the Diamondbacks as head minor league athletic trainer. 

He stayed there through 2006, then moved to Sunnyside Unified School district in Arizona as an athletic trainer. He stayed there until his retirement in 2021, according to his LinkedIn.

Greg Latta 1989 Vancouver Canadians card

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