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Monday, October 19, 2020

1990 Bakersfield Dodgers player profiles, High-A Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate

1990 Billy Ashley Bakersfield Dodgers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Bakersfield Dodgers, high-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers, as included in that year's team set.

Bakersfield Dodgers (32)

  1. Billy Ashley worked to prove skills over seven ML seasons, 9/28/20
  2. Bryan Baar returned from slump to make AAA; Saw four pro seasons, missed bigs, 9/20/20
  3. Tim Barker played decade in minors, got traded straight-up for Tim Wallach, 9/11/20
  4. Bryan Beals created runs in high school; Played  three pro seasons, made high-A, 10/16/20
  5. Tom Beyers coached and managed and watched guys move up in minors over three decades, 9/19/20
  6. Scott Bishop played two seasons in the minors, then returned for two in independent ball, 9/23/20
  7. John Braase helped keep college team's season alive; Played three pro seasons, made high-A, 10/16.20
  8. Jason Brosnan made an early bid for no-hitter in rookie ball; His bid for bigs lasted 14 seasons, never made it, 10/9/20
  9. Rich Crane took his pitch selectivity from college to the pros, saw three pro seasons, 9/22/20
  10. John Deutsch went from undrafted to fifth-rounder, then got his chance over five seasons; Made AA, 10/10/20
  11. Gary Forrester made early contact, got first pro hit; Saw three seasons, made high-A, 10/4/20
  12. Mike Frame returned from spike in his pitching hand to play as pro; Saw two seasons, 10/17/20
  13. Anthony Garcia served as a trainer in baseball, soccer, boxing and high school, 9/23/20
  14. Tom Goodwin's speed in college made him a first-rounder, big leaguer over 14 seasons, 9/15/20
  15. Goose Gregson has shown tremendous work ethic, energy over nearly five decades in game, 9/22/20
  16. Tony Helmick worked to outsmart hitters; Did so in the pros over three seasons, made high-A, 9/23/20
  17. Matt Howard took his double play skills to bigs in eighth season; Helped Mariano Rivera to first ML save, 9/12/20 
  18. Frank Humber moved from Canada to Florida in HS to catch scouts; Played two pro seasons, made Olympics, 10/2/20
  19. Kiki Jones started with high hopes as first-rounder, then injuries hit; Made AA, 9/24/20
  20. Billy Lott impressed enough in high school for second round; Played nine seasons, made AAA, 10/15/20
  21. Brett Magnusson got invited to try out for Olympics; Played in seven pro seasons, coached, 9/25/20
  22. Jamie McAndrew got picked in first round; Later made bigs, but under less-than-expected circumstances, 9/21/20
  23. Brock McMurray looked forward to moving up despite injuries; Topped out at high-A, 9/25/20
  24. Baltazar Mesa played three pro seasons, started an academy, then went to prison for drug trafficking, 9/18/20
  25. Chris Morrow made it back from a sprained shoulder to play eight pro seasons, 10/14/20
  26. Jose Munoz waited nine full seasons to make the bigs; Made it for 17 games, found it great, 9/19/20
  27. Steve O'Donnell used advice from his manager over four pro seasons; Made high-A, 10/13/20
  28. Barry Parisotto saw five pro seasons, played in Olympics for Canada, later made career in produce, 9/13/20
  29. Mike Potthoff hoped he'd be back from elbow injury at high-A; Returned only briefly, saw three seasons, 9/18/20
  30. Napoleon Robinson saw a pitch get away and impact his first year; Played six seasons, made AAA, 10/17/20
  31. Fausto Tatis ended a 1991 win with a strikeout; Played three pro seasons, made high-A, 10/16/20
  32. Garrett Teel got his shot but majors didn't happen, then turned coach and instructor, 10/5/20

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