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Monday, December 16, 2013

1990 Rockford Expos

Marinelli Field in Rockford, Ill., in 2014. Marinelli was home to the 1990 Rockford Expos. (G21D Photo)
Features on each member of the 1990 Rockford Expos, as included in that year's team set.

Interview (2)
1 - Rob Leary, Great Decision
It took a difficult conversation to put Rob Leary on his ultimate path to the majors. 
2 - Mike Quade, Career Map
Mike Quade's career map took him home to Chicago as Cubs manager. He's since added Rochester.
1990 Rockford Expos (31)
1 - Dan Archibald, Stat Line
Dan Archibald helped his college team to a 1988 win. He only played three seasons as a pro.
2 - Doug Bochtler, That Determination
Doug Bochtler used his determination to get himself to the majors, in his seventh pro season.
3 - Chris Bushing, Somewhere Else
Chris Bushing vowed to try somewhere else, if he was released. He did, and he made the majors.
4 - John Cain, Winter Meetings
John Cain attended winter meetings - the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association Winter Meetings.
5 - Bill Cramer, Home Run
Bill Cramer hit his first home run in his third pro season. It was his only home run, and last season.
6 - Scott Davison, Watch Him
Scott Davison got back into the game, switched positions to pitcher and then made the majors.
7 - Jim Eddy, Some Competition
Jim Eddy couldn't stay away from the competition. He continued playing on weekends, after his career ended.
8 - Chuck Elder, Insurance Run
Chuck Elder gave his college team some insurance. He later played three seasons as a pro, never made AA.
9 - Michael Grace, Extended Lead
Michael Grace helped his Salt Lake team extend a lead in 1989. He never got himself to AA.
10 - Ben Howze, Another Sport
Ben Howze played football in high school and baseball in the pros. He never made AA.
11 - Deryk Hudson, More Swings
Deryk Hudson took his share of swings, but not as many as he likely would have hoped.
12 - Keith Kaub, Could Drive
Keith Kaub wasn't there to hit singles. He looked for pitches to drive. He played three seasons as a pro. 
13 - Rusty Kilgo, Was Brilliant
Rusty Kilgo was Arizona State's surprise weapon in 1988 College World Series. He played eight years as pro, never made bigs.
14 - Ron Krause, Different Year
Ron Krause helped West Palm Beach to 1991 league title. Played five seasons as a pro.
15 - Tim Laker, Own Regrets
Tim Laker learned how to hit, then later said his hitting was helped by steroids.
16 - Rob Leary, Player Assessment
Rob Leary has assessed players since his playing days. He's doing so in 2013 as a bench coach for the Marlins.
17 - Joe Logan, Mirrors That
Joe Logan had a brief playing career, but a long one as a coach, and in sports diplomacy.
18 - Martin Martinez, Door Closed
Martin Martinez closed the door on a college win. He played three seasons as a pro, never made AA.
19 - Sid Monge, Do Best
Sid Monge did what he did best. He pitched in 10 major league seasons, and later became a coach.
20 - Mike Quade, Built On
Mike Quade built on early success to become Cubs manager. He couldn't build on that early Cubs success. 
21 - J.D. Ramirez, Working Summer
J.D. Ramirez got a job as a teacher, but still returned to play summers in independent ball. He never made the majors.
22 - Jeff Ramsey, On Defense
Jeff Ramsey worked on defense in baseball. He later helped others on defense, as a high school basketball coach.
23 - Gary Regira, Pitched Well
Gary Regira pitched well enough in college, but not well enough for a long pro career.
24 - Troy Ricker, Big Hits
Troy Ricker hit two home runs in a 1989 game at West Palm Beach. He played nine seasons as a pro, but he never made the bigs.
25 - Buen Rodriguez, Winning Triple
Buen Rodriguez brought a playoff lead run home with a triple in 1989 NYPL Championship series. He played two seasons as a pro.
26 - C.L. Smith, Enough Offense
C.L. Smith couldn't generate enough offense to make AA>
27 - Brian Sullivan, Family History
Brian Sullivan has a family history in sports. But he's the one who played pro. He did so for two seasons.
28 - John Thoden, Clutch Games
John Thoden pitched clutch games for North Carolina in 1989. He played five seasons as a pro, but never made the bigs.
29 - Steven Whitehead, Even Pros
Everyone made errors, even pros, Steven Whitehead told his players. Whitehead was a pro in five seasons. 
30 - Brian Wilkinson, Started For
Brian Wilkinson came away with a win in a 1991 high-A game. He played five seasons, never made AA. 
31 - Tyrone Woods, Any Time
Tyrone Woods showed what he could do in Japan, after attending a tryout.

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