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Monday, December 2, 2013

1990 Salinas Spurs

Features on each member of the 1990 Salinas Spurs, an independent team in the California League. Players featured were included in that year's team set.

Interview (1)
1 - Quinn Marsh: Quinn Marsh never expected to be a pro ball player. He then grew into one.

1990 Salinas Spurs (25)
1 - Paul Alegre: Karate made Paul Alegre a more disciplined hitter, enough to play as a pro. He only played 17 games.
2 - Bill Carlson: A Giants scout gave Bill Carlson confidence. He played five seasons as a pro, never made AA.
3 - Carlos Carrasco: Carlos Carrasco played eight seasons as a pro. He never made AA.
4 - Koichi Emoto: Koichi Emoto had good experience in Japan, he then got experience in America, in the California League.
5 - Brent Hahn: Brent Hahn took advantage of his Japanese manager's coaching. He only played two seasons as a pro.
6 - Wayne Housie: Wayne Housie didn't care how he made the Red Sox, all that mattered was he was there.
7 - Scott Jaster: Scott Jaster concentrated and spent nine seasons as a pro. He never made the majors.
8 - Hide Koga: Hide Koga's task with Salinas in 1990 was to mold his team of American and Japanese players into one unit.
9 - Takayuki Kono: Takayuki Kono took lessons from his 15 seasons in Nippon Professional Baseball to years as a coach.
10 - Ed Landphere: Ed Landphere helped his Cal State-Santa Barbara team to a 1988 win. He played just 18 games as a pro.
11 - Quinn Marsh: Quinn Marsh helped break record streak of home state team. He played five seasons, never made the bigs.
12 - Seiichi Murakami: Seiichi Murakami saw time in 1990 on both sides of Pacific, at high-A in the U.S. and in Japan.
13 - Kenichi Otsuka: Kenichi Otsuka saw time in three Nippon Professional Baseball seasons, for a game apiece.
14 - Yoshiki Otsuka: Yoshiki Otsuka got into 4 NPB games in 1994, but hit two home runs. He played in eight seasons.
15 - Greg Page: Greg Page did his part in a college tourney win. He played three seasons as a pro, never made AA.
16 - Corey Paul: Corey Paul took four seasons off, then returned. And then he played in Japan.
17 - Jose Peguero: Jose Peguero took time off from baseball, he then returned and found independent ball.
18 - John Reilley: John Reilley was an absolute key for USC. He later played four seasons as a pro, but never made the majors.
19 - Pete Rowe: All Pete Rowe wanted was a fair shot. He got it, but it didn't pan out and he never made the majors.
20 - Shigeki Sasaki: Shigeki Sasaki picked up his second 1990 win in a July game. He only got three on the year, to 14 losses.
21 - James Shevlin: James Shevlin shared a name with a major leaguer. He didn't share the title major leaguer.
22 - Sean Thompson: A Giants scout thought Sean Thompson's future was at second base. Thompson only played two seasons as a pro.
23 - Kenichi Uchiyama: Kenichi Uchiyama spent time as the Salinas Spurs closer in 1990, he then pitched briefly in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball.
24 - Kenichi Yamanouchi: Kenichi Yamanouchi once hit three home runs over a two-game span. He made Nippon Professional Baseball for seven games.
25 - Shikato Yanagita: Shikato Yanagita got his strikeouts under control. He then made Nippon Professional Baseball over nine seasons.

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