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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1990 Gate City Pioneers

Features on each member of the 1990 Pocatello-based Gate City Pioneers, an independent team in the rookie Pioneer League. Players featured were included in that year's team set.

Interviews (2)
1 - Kelly Frederiksen, Hard Work
Kelly Frederiksen used experience in Nicaragua to prepare himself for the minors.
2 - Tyrone Horne, Always Treasured
Tyrone Horne went ahead and played. He then hit for the home run cycle.

1990 Gate City Pioneers (27)
1 - Keiji Abe, American Game
Keiji Abe knew it was important for his players to learn the American game. He coached in the U.S. and in Japan.
2 - Gary Adams, Needed Runs
Gary Adams turned pro out of high school. His pro career lasted three seasons.
3 - Itsuki Asai, Came Through
Itsuki Asai came through when Hiroshima needed him, 154 times as a pinch hitter over 13 seasons.
4 - Buck Atwater, Perfect Record
Buck Atwater helped his high school to a perfect record. He helped himself to three seasons as a pro.
5 - Eddie Bonine, Baseball Guy
Eddie Bonine was a baseball guy, a player and a coach. His son was a baseball guy in the majors.
6 - David Carter, Really Helped
David Carter had a brief playing career, but has had a long career as a coach in college.
7 - Keith Casey, Stayed In
Keith Casey stayed in the game after his brief career, became an instructor and a coach. 
8 - Akihiko Chiyomaru, Four Seasons
Akihiko Chiyomaru played in four NPB seasons in Japan. He got 16 at bats, no hits.
9 - Chris Emerick, All Around
Chris Emerick was a good all-around athlete in high school. He played baseball as a pro.
10 - Carlos Espinoza, Ended Up
Carlos Espinoza started his career in Mexico, and that's where he ended up. He never made the majors.
11 - Mike Fier, Back Out
Mike Fier got back on the field with an amateur senior league, after two seasons as a pro.
12 - Kelly Frederiksen, To Perfection
Kelly Frederiksen executed a pickoff fake to third to perfection. He played just a single season as a pro.
13 - Jim Heilgeist, Came Together
Jim Heilgeist had success on the football field in high school, then turned pro on the baseball field. He played two seasons.
14 - Tyrone Horne, Homer Cycle
Tyrone Horne hit for the home run cycle in 1998. No one had ever done it before and no one has done it since.
15 - Paul Hutto, Pretty Impressive
Paul Hutto impressed in high school. He played just two seasons as a pro.
16 - Hector Ortega, Knows What
Hector Ortega had confidence in the Cubs' Carlos Zambrano. He spoke as a scout and former player.
17 - Takashi Maema, Got There
It took Takashi Maema into his eighth pro season, but he finally made Nippon Professional Baseball.
18 - Tony Marabella, Natural Thing
Tony Marabella signed with his hometown Expos. He later appeared on Unsolved Mysteries after a fainting spell.
19 - William Martinez, Held Them
William Martinez came into a 1990 game, then held them enough for a win. He played four seasons, never got above single-A.
20 - Hideki Mizusawa, Did Play
Hideki Mizusawa never made it into a Nippon Professional Baseball game, but did play a season in the U.S.
21 - Doug Noce, College Success
Doug Noce helped his college team win the Division 2 World Series. He later played two seasons as a pro.
22 - Hector Rivera, Own Piece (Outfielder)
Hector Rivera the outfielder had a brief career, brief enough to miss one of his only shots at his own baseball card.
23 - Hector Rivera, Slowed By (Pitcher)
Hector Rivera pitched well at West Palm Beach, but, slowed by injuries, he couldn't keep it up at AA.
24 - Perry Sanchez, Two and Out
Perry Sanchez helped his college to its first College World Series. He played two seasons as a pro.
25 - Angelo Santiago, Triple Crown
Angelo Santiago held the South Jersey high school home run title. Until a guy named Mike Trout came along.
26 - Hiroyuki Satoh, Stopped Him
Hiroyuki Satoh robbed the batter of a hit in a 1990 game at Gate City. He then saw time in seven seasons in Japan.
27 - Trey Wilburn, Treated Rudely
Trey Wilburn was greeted rudely in an April 1990 game. He played just three seasons as a pro.

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