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1990 Birmingham Barons

Features on each member of the 1990 Birmingham Barons, AA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. Players are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to learn more.

Interview (1)
1 - Matt Merullo, What Fun
Matt Merullo came from a baseball family. When he made the majors, he thanked his dad.

1990 Birmingham Barons (27)
1 - Tom Alfredson, Calmed Down
Tom Alfredson calmed down and then played eight seasons as a pro. He never made the majors.
2 - Cesar Bernhardt, No Comparison
Cesar Bernhardt once brought thoughts of Nellie Fox. He ultimately never made the majors.
3 - Ken Berry, Eventual Goal
Ken Berry's eventual goal was to coach in the bigs. He never made it, but did have three-decade career.
4 - Kurt Brown, Kept Working
Kurt Brown, the White Sox' top pick in 1985, knew he had to work to make the bigs. He never made it. He was taken ahead of Barry Bonds.
5 - Edgar Caceres, Almost Anything
Edgar Caceres would do almost anything to get that first major league home run ball. It ended up being his only major league home run ball.
6 - Cornelio Garcia, Mexican Hall
Cornelio Garcia's White Sox career took him to AA. His Mexican career took him to Mexican Hall of Fame.
7 - Mike Gellinger, Great Stuff
Mike Gellinger has had long post-playing career as coach and analyst. He also helped Mark Buehrle stop tipping his pitches.
8 - Carlos Delacruz, Division Hopes
Carlos Delacruz helped his team keep its playoff hopes alive in 1987. He played six seasons, never made the majors.
9 - Brian Drahman, For Him
Brian Drahman made the White Sox in 1991, fulfilling a promise he made after his father's passing.
10 - Buddy Groom, Thankful For
Buddy Groom was a reliever, a 70-plus-game a season work horse reliever.
11 - Sam Hairston, Treasured It
Sam Hairston played in the Negro Leagues and in the majors. He also became the patriarch of baseball family dynasty.
12 - Todd Hall, Endorsement Deal
Todd Hall got his small glove endorsement deal in the minors. Never got to the majors. He's now a high school coach.
13 - Roberto Hernandez, Will to Compete
Roberto Hernandez' 17-year major league career was almost over before it began.
14 - John Hudek, Exceeded Goal
John Hudek's goal in 1994 was simply to make the bigs. What he did was make the All-Star team.
15 - Bo Kennedy, Not Here
Bo Kennedy knew if he made a mistake at AA, the hitters wouldn't miss. He never got the chance to make a major league mistake.
16 - Derek Lee, Up North
Derek Lee wanted to be part of the White Sox in the majors. He made the majors briefly the next year, with new team.
17 - Will Magallanes, From Injury
Will Magallanes was once a White Sox prospect. He later had an ugly incident with a bat.
18 - Rodney McCray, Baseball Immortality
Rodney McCray wanted ball from his first National League hit. He also wanted a ball at AAA the year before, and gained baseball immortality.
19 - Matt Merullo, Inner Drive
Matt Merullo saw a trip to the minors as a chance to show he could play. He has gone on to be manager in the minors.
20 - Dave Reynolds, Decisive Year
Dave Reynolds' wife knew the next year would be decisive. It was. He played seven seasons, never made the bigs.
21 - Pat Roessler, Further Up
Pat Roessler's job was to help hitters get better. He later moved up himself, as a coach with the Expos.
22 - Greg Roth, Good Shot
Greg Roth represented Canada in the Olympics. He also thought he had good shot at the bigs. He never made it.
23 - Rich Scheid, Good Things
Rich Scheid hoped he'd be called up to the Marlins sooner. When he got call, he started strong.
24 - Matt Stark, Positive Attitude
Matt Stark used his positive attitude to make the majors twice. They were brief stays, but he made it.
25 - Ron Stephens, Very Good
Ron Stephens' old teammate called him the best he'd seen. He was good enough for five seasons as pro, but not the bigs.
26 - Frank Thomas, Dimension of Power: Frank Thomas added a dimension of power to the White Sox lineup. He did so in the majors for two decades.
27 - Aubrey Waggoner, Ran Home
Aubrey Waggoner stole home in a 1989 game. He also played for 11 seasons as a pro. He never made the majors.

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