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Sunday, February 16, 2014

1990 Charleston Wheelers, Reds: Baseball Profiles

Mark Arland 1990 Charleston Wheelers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Charleston Wheelers, single-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. Players featured are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interview (2)
1 - Mike Malley, Ninth Inning
Mike Malley capped off a combined no-hitter. He came out of Connecticut to play four seasons as a pro. 
2 - Steve McCarthy, All Clicked
Mid-way through that Cape Cod League season, everything clicked for Steve McCarthy. 

Charleston Wheelers (31)
K.C. Gillum 1990  Charleston Wheelers card
1 - Mark Arland looked at positives as pro
2 - Mark Berry stayed,made bigs as coach
3 - Mark Borcherding saw five pro seasons
4 - Rafael Bustamante rallied in 4 seasons
5 - Tim Cecil won title, saw 3 seasons
6 - Darron Cox saw decade, 15 ML games
7 - Jon Fuller, Building Confidence
Jon Fuller built his confidence. He then played 12 seasons as a pro. He never made the majors.
Charleston Wheelers 1990 checklist card8 - Chris Gill, Different Style
Chris Gill helps produce baseball video games. Years ago, he played the actual game.
9 - K.C. Gillum, Tied Up
Jose Cardenal later didn't blame K.C. Gillum. But it was a ball off Gillum's bat that smashed Cardenal's skull.
10 - Mike Griffin, Worked Out
Mike Griffin used his major league playing knowledge to help others as a minor league coach.
11 - Trevor Hoffman turned Hall reliever
12 - Jack Hollis, New Direction
Jack Hollis' career ended on a center field throw. He then went in a new direction, to Toyota.
13 - Chris Hook, Didn't Always
Chris Hook draws on his experience as a player now as a minor league coach. He played in two major league seasons.
Charleston Wheelers 1990 logo card
14 - Tom Iversen, Day Made
Tom Iversen went from career as a pro trainer to one in high school.

15 - Motorboat Jones, Trying to Hit
Motorboat Jones had a dynamic nickname in the Reds system, but it wasn't enough to make the majors.
16 - Doug King, Real Well
Doug King threw the ball well in college. He played as a pro for three seasons.
17 - Jim Lett, Well-Kept
Jim Lett was seen as a well-kept secret for the Pirates in 2006. He had three decades in the game.
18 - Mike Malley, No-Hitter
Mike Malley took part in a 1989 no-hitter. He played four seasons as a pro, but never made AA.
19 - Steve McCarthy, Tenth Save
Steve McCarthy once saved a single-A game for Bobby Ayala.
20 - Brian Nichols, Tied Up
Brian Nichols tied up a game in 1989. He played three seasons, but he never made AA.
21- Ernie Nieves, Started Strong
Ernie Nieves played 11 seasons as a pro. He made AA, but he never made it higher.
22 - Danny Perozo, Winning Run
Danny Perozo helped his team to an extra-inning win in 1988. He played four seasons, but never made AA.
23 - Scott Plemmons, Bad Outing
Scott Plemmons had a bad college outing in 1989. Played as pro for three seasons.
24 - Tim Pugh, More Comfortable
Tim Pugh had a good enough spring in 1992 to make the Reds rotation. He played in six major league seasons.
25 - Scott Pose, Knew It
Scott Pose became the very first Marlins batter. He played in 14 games, then waited four years to get back.
26 - Johnny Ray, Best Pitch
Johnny Ray believed the best pitch in the game was a first-pitch strike. He played five seasons.
27 - Jason Satre, Fresh Start
Jason Satre looked for a fresh start with the Orioles. It didn't get him to the majors. 
28 - Jerry Spradlin, Some Ability
Jerry Spradlin put his mechanics together and made the majors in seven seasons.
29 - Noel Velez, Poor Throw
Noel Velez had a bad throw in an April 1990 game. He played three seasons as a pro.
30 - Todd Watson, Scored Twice
Todd Watson helped his college team with two runs scored. He played two seasons as pro.
31 - Dan Wilson got noticed in long career
32 - Trey Wilburn, Treated Rudely
Trey Wilburn was greeted rudely in an April 1990 game. He played three seasons as a pro.

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