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1990 Clinton Giants

The former Riverview Stadium in Clinton, Iowa, during a game in August 2014. Riverview was home to the 1990 Clinton Giants. (Greatest 21 Days)
Features on each member of the 1990 Clinton Giants, single-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. Players featured are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

2014 photos from the home of the 1990 Clinton Giants: The former Riverview Stadium

Clinton Giants (30)
1 - Kelly Ahrens, Family Decision
Kelly Ahrens played two seasons, career ended over a family decision. 
2 - Maximo Aleys, Both Times
Maximo Aleys threw a no-hitter at low-A in 1989
3 - Clay Bellinger, Broke Down
Clay Bellinger broke down in 1999 upon learning he made the majors.
4 - Jeffry Bonner, Long Haul
Jeffry Bonner went 3 for 10 in a 25-inning game. He played just three pro seasons.
5 - Greg Brummett, Best Stuff
Greg Brummett saved his best stuff for the 1989 College World Series.
6 - Steve Callahan, Called Blazing
Steve Callahan's fastball was called blazing. He played four seasons.
7 - Frank Carey, Two Straight
Frank Carey helped Stanford to two-straight College World Series titles.
8 - Steve Cline, Really Something
Steve Cline helps send players on to the bigs as a coach.
9 - Brian Costello, Sports Medicine
Brian Costello uses his first career in his second.
10 - Ron Crowe, Those Days
Ron Crowe hit well in one 1989 college game. He played five seasons as a pro.
11 - Jim Foley, Complete Game
Jim Foley couldn't get his college team a tournament win. He played three seasons as a pro.
12 - Ed Gustafson, Been Around
Ed Gustafson had his strengths. He played four seasons as a pro.
13 - Chris Hancock, Relief Pitcher
Chris Hancock was his high school football team's relief pitcher.
14 - Carl Hanselman, Good Athlete
Carl Hanselman had the tools. He made AAA, not the bigs.
15 - Marino Hernandez, Team Photo
He played three seasons, made single-A, team photo.
16 - Stewart Hillman, Canadian Olympian
Stewart Hillman played on the Canadian Olympic baseball team.
17 - Joey James, Game Flow
Joey James didn't want to be a designated hitter. He wanted to be a position player.
18 - Randy Johnson, Asked For
All this Randy Johnson asked for was an opportunity.
19 - Kevin Kasper, More Fun
Kevin Kasper helped his college team to a turnaround as a coach. He played five seasons as pro.
20 - Jason McFarlin, Speedy Scout
Jason McFarlin once trained to be a scout. He spent nine seasons as a player, never made the majors.
21 - Roger Miller, Very Excited
Roger Miller was excited to turn pro. He played seven seasons. He never made the bigs.
22 - Jack Mull, Have Respect
Jack Mull knew players had to respect the game. He spent 38 years in baseball.
23 - Rafael Novoa, Same Fastball
Rafael Novoa made San Francisco in 1990 on the strength of his strikeouts.
24 - Vince Palyan, Home Runs
Vince Palyan hit two home runs in a 1988 Minnesota game.
25 - Jon Pattin, Didn't Happen
Jon Pattin was born into baseball. The majors didn't happen for him.
26 - Pat Rapp, Best Game
Pat Rapp tossed a one-hitter for the Marlins in 1995. He played in 10 seasons.
27 - Steve Rolen, Offensively Carried
Steve Rolen carried West Virginia offensively. He played four seasons.
28 - Rob Taylor, Two Parts
Rob Taylor's career had two parts with three years in between.
29 - Gus Vollmer, Was Aggressive
Gus Vollmer was aggressive in a rookie-ball win. He played two seasons.
30 - Ron Wotus, Bottom Line
Ron Wotus made the bigs briefly as a player, then for a long stint as a coach.

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