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Saturday, November 2, 2013

1990 Myrtle Beach Blue Jays player profiles, Toronto

Features on each member of the 1990 Myrtle Beach Blue Jays, as included in that year's team set

Interview (1)
1 - Aaron Small, Stadium Sounds
Aaron Small didn't hear one sound, but he heard another.

1990 Myrtle Beach Blue Jays (28)
1 - Bill Abare hit big double at Dunedin in 1991; Saw three pro seasons
2 - Greg Bicknell won early pro title, played 20 years in minors
3 - Rob Blumberg proved strikeout pitcher early, saw 4 seasons
4 - Eric Bradley did what he needed to do over three pro seasons
5 - Daren Brown played, managed in minors, filled in in bigs
6 - Mike Fischlin: Mike Fischlin made 10 major league seasons. He later turned agent with his old friend Scott Boras. (Continue)
7 - Rickey Holifield: Rickey Holifield saw fall ball as a stepping stone to bigger things. He never made the bigs. (Continue)
8 - Shawn Holtzclaw: Shawn Holtzclaw played in four pro seasons, never made AA. He then moved on to a new career, law enforcement. (Continue)
9 - Scott Hutson: Scott Hutson pitched well enough with Arizona State to turn pro. His pro career lasted just three seasons. (Continue)
10 - Juan Jaime: Juan Jaime helped his team avoid a no-hitter. He couldn't help himself to a long career. (Continue)
11 - Daren Kizziah: Daren Kizziah turned it loose in junior college. He went on to a four-year college and the pros. He never made the bigs. (Continue)
12 - Gregg Martin: Gregg Martin drew scouts in college, finally Blue Jays scout got him drafted. He played four seasons, never made AA. (Continue)
13 - Brad Mengel: Brad Mengle made first-team all-conference in college. Played four seasons as a pro, never made the bigs. (Continue)
14 - Hector Mercedes: Hector Mercedes hit a home run in his second pro season. It was also his last pro season. (Continue)
15 - S. Scott Miller: S. Scott Miller was a excellent ballplayer and person in high school. He played in college and in the pros, never made the bigs. (Continue)
16 - Steve Mingori: Steve Mangori played 10 seasons in the majors. He later had a brief coaching career. Passed away in 2008. (Continue)
17 - Anton Mobley: Anton Mobley helped single-A Myrtle Beach with a home run in his second pro season. It was also his last pro season. (Continue)
18 - Robert Montalvo: Rob Montalvo got enough advice to make AAA, but not enough to make the bigs. (Continue)
19 - Rick Nowak: Rick Nowak took what he learned at UC-San Diego to the pros. He played two seasons in the Blue Jays system. (Continue)
20 - Mike Ogliaruso: Mike Ogliaruso chose turning pro over college. He played five seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
21 - Jose Olivares: Jose Olivares played four seasons as a pro. He never made it above single-A. (Continue)
22 - Billy Parese: Billy Parese tried to improve his average. He couldn't improve it enough. Played four seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
23 - Todd Provence: Todd Provence's manager helped him as a pitcher. Soon left pitching for the field. Never made the bigs. (Continue)
24 - Ken Rivers: Ken Rivers was part of a seemingly minor trade. The trade eventually paid off, just not for Rivers.(Continue)
25 - Aaron Small: Aaron Small won in his first time at Yankee Stadium. He later won 10-straight for the home team. (Continue)
26 - Leroy Stanton: Leroy Stanton pulled back a Reggie Jackson home run. He later became a coach in the minors. (Continue)
27 - John Wanish: John Wanish picked up his first save in his second pro season. He got 14 others, never made AA. (Continue)
28 - Nigel Wilson: Nigel Wilson got three brief seasons in the bigs, three big seasons in Japan. (Continue)

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