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Saturday, November 2, 2013

1990 Myrtle Beach Blue Jays

Features on each member of the 1990 Myrtle Beach Blue Jays, as included in that year's team set

Interview (1)
1 - Aaron Small, Stadium Sounds
Aaron Small didn't hear one sound, but he heard another.

1990 Myrtle Beach Blue Jays (28)
1 - Bill Abare: Bill Abare cleared the bases in game at high-A. Played three seasons as a pro, never made AA. (Continue)
2 - Greg Bicknell: Greg Bicknell had exciting time playing for single-A championship. Played in 18 seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
3 - Rob Blumberg: Rob Blumberg's career started fast and ended abruptly. He struck out 358 over three seasons. (Continue)
4 - Eric Bradley: Eric Bradley picked up his fourth save at single-A in a June 1990 contest. He only picked up four more. (Continue)
5 - Daren Brown: Darren Brown became familiar with Mariners players after a decade with the organization. (Continue)
6 - Mike Fischlin: Mike Fischlin made 10 major league seasons. He later turned agent with his old friend Scott Boras. (Continue)
7 - Rickey Holifield: Rickey Holifield saw fall ball as a stepping stone to bigger things. He never made the bigs. (Continue)
8 - Shawn Holtzclaw: Shawn Holtzclaw played in four pro seasons, never made AA. He then moved on to a new career, law enforcement. (Continue)
9 - Scott Hutson: Scott Hutson pitched well enough with Arizona State to turn pro. His pro career lasted just three seasons. (Continue)
10 - Juan Jaime: Juan Jaime helped his team avoid a no-hitter. He couldn't help himself to a long career. (Continue)
11 - Daren Kizziah: Daren Kizziah turned it loose in junior college. He went on to a four-year college and the pros. He never made the bigs. (Continue)
12 - Gregg Martin: Gregg Martin drew scouts in college, finally Blue Jays scout got him drafted. He played four seasons, never made AA. (Continue)
13 - Brad Mengel: Brad Mengle made first-team all-conference in college. Played four seasons as a pro, never made the bigs. (Continue)
14 - Hector Mercedes: Hector Mercedes hit a home run in his second pro season. It was also his last pro season. (Continue)
15 - S. Scott Miller: S. Scott Miller was a excellent ballplayer and person in high school. He played in college and in the pros, never made the bigs. (Continue)
16 - Steve Mingori: Steve Mangori played 10 seasons in the majors. He later had a brief coaching career. Passed away in 2008. (Continue)
17 - Anton Mobley: Anton Mobley helped single-A Myrtle Beach with a home run in his second pro season. It was also his last pro season. (Continue)
18 - Robert Montalvo: Rob Montalvo got enough advice to make AAA, but not enough to make the bigs. (Continue)
19 - Rick Nowak: Rick Nowak took what he learned at UC-San Diego to the pros. He played two seasons in the Blue Jays system. (Continue)
20 - Mike Ogliaruso: Mike Ogliaruso chose turning pro over college. He played five seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
21 - Jose Olivares: Jose Olivares played four seasons as a pro. He never made it above single-A. (Continue)
22 - Billy Parese: Billy Parese tried to improve his average. He couldn't improve it enough. Played four seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
23 - Todd Provence: Todd Provence's manager helped him as a pitcher. Soon left pitching for the field. Never made the bigs. (Continue)
24 - Ken Rivers: Ken Rivers was part of a seemingly minor trade. The trade eventually paid off, just not for Rivers.(Continue)
25 - Aaron Small: Aaron Small won in his first time at Yankee Stadium. He later won 10-straight for the home team. (Continue)
26 - Leroy Stanton: Leroy Stanton pulled back a Reggie Jackson home run. He later became a coach in the minors. (Continue)
27 - John Wanish: John Wanish picked up his first save in his second pro season. He got 14 others, never made AA. (Continue)
28 - Nigel Wilson: Nigel Wilson got three brief seasons in the bigs, three big seasons in Japan. (Continue)

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